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Posted November 2, 2021 by AbbyClare

Flowers are key part of every event, and people love to decorate their homes or offices with bouquets and arrangements.
Flowers are key part of every event, and people love to decorate their homes or offices with bouquets and arrangements. However, fresh blooms don’t last very long, and it is a shame to see the amazing arrangements wither away. The good news is that you can buy wooden flowers and enjoy their benefits for years to come. There are different artificial options out there, but not all of them are realistic and worth the purchase. Sola flowers will definitely not disappoint.

Why Choose Wooden Flowers

Wooden flowers are a great alternative to fresh blossoms. Not to mention they are sustainable, because they are made from the wood of a renewable plant, so you don’t have to feel bad about purchasing them. They are something you did not see before, and even the artisanal process of designing and shaping sola flowers is unique and interesting. Artists carve sheets from the wood, shape them into petals, and put them together to resemble different blooms. The result is realistic, but they have so many more benefits.

One of the greatest advantages is that they will last for a lifetime. No matter the purpose you use the flowers for, they will enchant your eyes for years to come. You can keep the same arrangements, or you can mix and match them whenever you please, to bring a new design in discussion. Maybe you need flowers for a special occasion, a wedding, anniversary, christening, birthday party, for a corporate event, you can rest assured that they will look the same throughout the event. They maintain their look, and you can give them away at the end of the night, for others to enjoy the aesthetics.

What Wooden Flowers Offer

It is safe to say that wooden flowers offer the possibility to keep your bouquets and arrangements and marvel at them forever. You can decorate your home, offer them as gifts to people you care about, and more. They look very delicate at first glance, but the good news is that they are strong, and very easy to care for. Even if you squash them by mistake or they are delivered in that condition, you can always reshape them. Simply dunk them in water for a few seconds, and then play with the petals to bring them in their original shape.

If you are worried about the environment and you want to have a positive impact, you will succeed with sola flowers. They are biodegradable and come from a renewable source. Not to mention you can reuse them for many occasions. If you are a florist or a decorator, invest in these flowers and use them for different events or for home and office decorations. They look very realistic, and designers spend a lot of time to shape them as well-known flowers. You can always find some interesting designs and create the most stunning arrangements.

People love how fresh flowers look and smell. They easily fall in love with them, but when it is time to purchase a large quantity, the price is also impressive. The good news is that wooden flowers are more affordable. You can purchase bulk quantities and save money on larger orders. When they arrive, feel free to put them in any arrangement, create stunning bouquets. To add even more depth and create a realistic effect, you can dye blossoms in so many different ways. Various paints work very well, and you can watch tutorials to find out how the process is done.

As for the scent, add some drops of natural oils behind the petals and they will smell amazing. The aroma will last long, and when it fades away, simply reapply some more drops. You can easily decorate the house or cater an event and scent it in the same time. There is no allergy risk with sola blooms, because they don’t have pollen and naturally, they don’t have a scent. Since you never know when someone is allergic to flowers, don’t take any risks and replace freshly cut blooms with wooden ones.

In general, wooden flowers are sold without stems. This gives you the opportunity to add whatever you like and arrange them in many ways. You can always glue some wire or twigs to the blossoms, wrap them in fabrics, and create a realistic appearance. In fact, you can find some greenery and fillers for bouquets, to add between the blooms. It all depends on the theme you have in mind and the look you want to achieve. Everything is possible with these types of blooms.

Where to Buy Sola Flowers from

You don’t know what you are missing until you see sola flowers. Maybe you did stumble upon them at an event and mistake them for fresh blossoms and did not even know it. Take the time to visit our website and see what you can obtain. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from, so you can combine them in the desired arrangements. You can find popular flower types, such as roses, peonies, lilies, or some unique ones that you don’t see anywhere else.

You can easily find wooden flowers online, purchase them from a trusted supplier and have them delivered to your door. You can discover better prices and special offers for bulk purchases, which is ideal if you need to cater a larger event. At first, you can buy a few blossoms to see how they look, if they meet your expectations. Afterwards, invest in more purchases, depending on the order you have to fulfil. Once you find a trusted seller, you can order every time you need a new batch.

Another amazing benefit of sola flowers is uniqueness. Since they are manually handcrafted, they don’t look alike, which means you obtain something unique every time. Talented and passionate people spend a lot of time carving and shaping blooms, so you can enjoy the most realistic and stunning products. Soon enough you will replace fresh flowers for all your needs, especially since sola ones bring great value for money and are reusable.
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