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Posted November 2, 2021 by AbbyClare

Are you looking for an alternative to freshly cut flowers?
Are you looking for an alternative to freshly cut flowers? Maybe you have a special event coming up or maybe you want to decorate the house, either way, you should learn about sola flowers. The blooms are very realistic, incomparable to anything you saw before, and they are highly durable and sustainable. Every blossom is unique, because of how they are hand crafted by talented artists. If you take some time to research their features, you will find out that aesthetics is just one part of what they have to offer.

What Are Sola Flowers

Sola flowers are made from the wood of certain types of plants, such as tapioca and Aspera. They grow very fast, which makes the resources renewable. Every sheet is carved by hand, and the petals are formed with a lot of skill and patience. Afterwards, they are shaped and arranged in blossoms, so you can buy them separately and put them together in the desired arrangements. To give them some color, you can dye them using different types of paint, and to offer some scent, simply drop some essential oils behind the petals. They will end up smelling amazing for a long time.

One of the greatest advantages is that they last for a lifetime. While freshly cut flowers last for a couple of days, wooden flowers will brighten your event or your home for years to come. Many people organizing special events choose the from the beginning, especially for bouquets. They can be purchased and arranged weeks and even months in advance, and when the time comes, simply show them to the world. This way, you can be well prepared in advance, because everyone knows how important flowers are in every situation.

Why Consider Sola Flowers

Another great advantage about https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ sola flowers is that they are very easy to maintain and look after. They seem very delicate, but they are durable. You don’t have to place them in water, simply keep them away from direct sunlight. If you happen to squash them by mistake or they are delivered that way, there is no need to worry. Spray them with water, shape the petals as much as you want, and bring them to their original form. It is very pleasant to play with them, and you can make the blooms appear more realistic.

Always harvesting and cutting fresh flowers has a negative impact on the environment, not to mention the high costs to have some special arrangements done. Wooden flowers are biodegradable, and their manufacturing process does no harm to the environment. There is no pressure to choose specific types that are in season, you can choose any kind of flower, even shapes that do not exist in reality. This is because designers spend a lot of time offering new varieties of flowers and they use their imagination when they carve and design blooms.

It is true that not all artificial flowers resemble the real ones, but sola flowers don’t disappoint. You will be amazed when you see them, and even when you look some examples online, nicely arranged in bouquets. Maybe you have seen them before, without realizing what they really are. If you learn some dyeing techniques, then you can give them the colors and patterns of the freshly cut ones. They have the advantage of being more durable, so feel free to arrange and maneuver them until you obtain the best result.

Do you have allergies? Maybe you are sensitive to pollen and certain scents and you are unable to enjoy genuine flowers. You will be happy to hear that you don’t risk any allergies with sola flowers. They are natural indeed, but they don’t cause unpleasant symptoms. Finally, you can decorate your home or event without worrying about someone having allergies. You can always brighten your room or office space, and when you want to switch things up, simply place another order of wooden flowers and combine them with the ones you already have.

With these types of blossoms, you obtain excellent value for money. Purchase them in bulk and you will save more than expected. You can always find some special offers and discounts, and you will be able to keep the flowers forever and enjoy their appearance. If you are an event planner or a decorator, you can use the blooms on more occasions, and you can impress your clients. They will never go out of season, and you can find the greatest varieties regarding styles, shapes, and sizes.

Why Buy Wooden Blooms Online

It is more convenient to purchase wooden flowers online. This way, you have time to analyze offers, to compare features, choose the desired designs, and find a trusted provider that delivers always in time. In fact, you can find websites that offer more insight on these products, how to arrange and dye them, and they have sections with https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ read more , including blog posts.

You will not go wrong with sola flowers. They are incomparable with anything else, they stand out from the rest, and they are worthy of appreciation. Reliable providers show realistic photos with all items in their portfolio, so you can choose based on what you see. They sell different accessories as well, including fillers, to create stunning arrangements every time. not to mention that online you can find guides and tutorials with useful tricks on how to accomplish the projects you have in mind.

Swapping fresh cut flowers with wooden ones bring value for money, no more allergies, and the opportunity to create long lasting arrangements that will decorate any venue and room. Whenever you need to purchase flowers, think about these alternatives, because you can easily work with them, you can put your imagination in action, and perhaps discover a new hobby. In fact, maybe you can start a business with such arrangements and cater the needs of clients that request bouquets of all kinds. Finding a provider in this case is essential, to always have the necessary supplies.
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