Reasons to Consider Wooden Wedding Flowers

Posted November 2, 2021 by AbbyClare

There has been a lot of interest in wooden flowers in the past years, and when you discover their beauty, you will soon understand why.
There has been a lot of interest in wooden flowers in the past years, and when you discover their beauty, you will soon understand why. They last forever, and they don’t cost as much as freshly cut blooms. Couples getting married know already how much they have to spend on floral arrangements, so they appreciate saving some money along the way. Not to mention that wooden wedding flowers stand out, because they are gorgeous, highly customizable, and they don’t lose their shape or texture throughout the day.

What Are Wooden Wedding Flowers

Wooden wedding flowers are not designed from hardwood. If you think about carved designs, it is not the case. In fact, these blooms are very delicate, they are made from certain types of plants, such as tapioca, cassava or sola. The source is renewable, because these plants grow fast, so you don’t have such a negative impact on the environment. Designers spend a lot of time shaping petals from the sheets of the stems, because they have to give them form and a certain style. Some choose popular floral types, such as roses, lilies, sunflowers, peonies, while others invent new flowers.

It is important to highlight that sola flowers are handmade, which means they are unique. They are not mass manufactured, and this means that you obtain something different every time you order. Another great feature is that they are biodegradable. Considering how long they last and how amazing they look; you will want to keep them around for a lifetime. They have many uses, some people decorate their homes with them, others put them in bouquets and offer them as special attentions, while others decorate venues for special events.

Why Buy Wooden Wedding Flowers

The main reason why people want wooden wedding flowers is because of their durability. They don’t wither after a couple of hours or days; they last for a lifetime. During the special day, couples want everything to be perfect, to take memorable pictures that will remind them of how wonderful the event was. Just imagine how much damage a droopy bridal bouquet can make, especially for the bride. Being exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day and not kept in water, flowers lose their freshness.

This is not the case for sola flowers, because they will withstand weather conditions and look the same as when you designed the bouquet. The same principle applies for other arrangements, and once the event is over, you can keep all the flowers, or you can offer them to your guests, as a keepsake of the special day. They can use them to decorate their homes and offices, make bouquets and give them to someone special. At least they don’t go to waste and you don’t have to throw them away, because that would be a shame. Too many flowers are thrown away, when alternatives can be reused and repurposed.

When you plan the wedding and think about floral arrangements, you have the option handle everything on your own. This means ordering the blooms, put them in the desired bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and have them ready for the big day. Planning how many wooden wedding flowers are required is essential. You should consider the number of tables, to know how many centerpieces you need, how many bridesmaids you have, if you want some special arrangements, such as an entrance arch, or for the ceremony.

It is important to know that most wooden wedding flowers are sold in ivory shades, because this is the natural color of the root they are harvested from. However, this opens so many possibilities, because you can dye them however you want. All you need is some paint, brushes, and some skills to obtain the desired effects. You can always get inspired from tutorials and guides online that will show you step-by-step how everything is done. You will obtain the most beautiful results, and you can personalize flowers based on your chosen wedding theme and color scheme.

In case you buy stemless wooden flowers, you will need some stems, so don’t forget to buy wire and some fabrics to cover them up. You can consider it as a craft project for your special day, and you can unwind and relax while preparing everything. If you buy flowers in advance, you don’t need to stress about being ready in time, because you can plan and have all blooms ready until the event. Why not do the entire process with your partner, family, or bridesmaids? It gives you extra bonding time, and you can discuss more about the big day.

Where to Shop for Wooden Flowers

Shopping for sola flowers is not an issue, because nowadays there are many online shops that offer all the products you need. If you want to buy luv sola flowers in bulk, you will save money and have a larger quantity, ideal for the big event. Online, you can always discover special offers and discounts, save money while in the same time have the arrangements you always dreamed about. Budget conscious couples appreciate the possibility to save money on their big day.

Although some people find it hard to give up the freshness and scent of freshly cut flowers, you need to consider their downsides as well. Wooden wedding flowers last forever, they are highly customizable and easy to work with. They are ideal for every situation when you require flowers, and they will certainly make a statement. Not to mention that seasonality does not affect them, because you can find all the blossoms you love throughout the year.

Finally, another great aspect worth pointing out: wooden flowers are ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Since they don’t have scent or pollen, people who experience discomfort around flowers will finally be relaxed and enjoy the day. This is something very important, especially when organizing a wedding, because you never know who suffers from allergies. If you want to add scents to sola blooms, use essential oils, and rest assured that they will smell amazing for a long time.
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