Reasons to Use Wooden Wedding Flowers

Posted May 4, 2021 by AbbyClare

There has been a great interest in wooden wedding flowers in the past years, and it is not hard to understand why.
There has been a great interest in wooden wedding flowers in the past years, and it is not hard to understand why. They are more cost effective compared with fresh blooms, and they last forever. It is worth looking into all options when it comes to planning the wedding, because everything costs money, takes time, and you should make the right decisions. No one can give up flowers, they make any event stand out and they are the perfect decorations. The good news is that this is not even necessary, especially when there are so many wonderful alternatives to choose from.

What Are Wooden Wedding Flowers

Many people think that wooden wedding flowers are designed from wood, but it is not the case. They are not hard, carved from the actual material, but from different plants, including tapioca, known also as cassava. Another example is the marshy plant, which is renewable, and the wood of the stem is used to design a variety of products, including hats. It is very easy to harvest the plants, cut and shape them into different designs. Many crafters use their hands and creativity to deliver stunning results. You will certainly see that most blooms are unique and handcrafted, two will not look the same.

Another great aspect is that wood flowers are biodegradable, which means people have no impact on the environment when they purchase them. Do you suffer from allergies caused by pollen or you know someone that does? It is hard to enjoy fresh blooms in this situation, but with alternatives there is nothing to worry about. Sola blossoms are hypoallergenic, because they don’t have pollen and they do not smell. You can use them in large quantities and decorate venues for events, residential and commercial properties, offer them as bouquets and arrangements, and more.

Why Purchase Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are cost effective. They can be found in bulk, meaning you can buy a larger quantity and benefit from great prices and discounts. You can make numerous arrangements with them, and the best part is that they are available in all sorts of designs, shapes, sizes, so you can easily combine styles. To find out more about prices and special offers, you can look online, and read more . It is important to make sure that you always buy from someone trustworthy, who offers high-quality products, handcrafted, and delivered in good conditions.

An important note is that sola flowers are available in cream, ivory, and similar shades. If you want some color, you have to purchase additional paint, and personalize them however you please. There are so many informative step-by-step tutorials you can find online that will certainly inspire you to create beautiful designs, matching the theme of the event or the purpose of the gift. You can do so much with colors, and you can use different types, combine shades, even have blue, gold, silver, rainbow-like flowers that you are unable to purchase in their natural form.

How to Use Wooden Wedding Flowers

What is more, wooden wedding flowers are usually sold without stems, especially if you buy them in bulk. If you want to create stemmed arrangements and bouquets, you have to add them yourself and you can use different items, including wire or twigs. Simply glue the stems to the blossoms and the result is there. Don’t forget you can also add fillers to arrangements. They help achieve a natural look, especially if you slip some greenery between blossoms. Shops that sell sola blossoms usually have fillers and other decorations, so you can shop from the same place.

Season does not affect the availability of wooden wedding flowers. Some couples have their heart set up on certain types, but unfortunately if they have an autumn or winter wedding, their options are limited, or flowers cost too much. If you take a look at what you can find online, you will be surprised to find even peonies, roses, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, and other wonderful designs that you can buy at any time of the year. You don’t have to worry about not having your favorite blooms in your special day. As for shades, feel free to dye them and even add scents, to create a natural result.

Wooden wedding flowers are reusable. You don’t have to throw them away once the event is over, simply repurpose them. Guests will love to go home with a stunning bouquet or arrangement, and you can decorate your house with the flowers. Perhaps you can store and use them for another event, offer bouquets to people on special occasions. This is the greatest advantage of sola flowers, they last forever, and maintenance is minimal. You don’t have to put any effort and they will bring a smile to your face whenever you walk past them.

Who Uses Wooden Flowers

Wooden wedding flowers are not used only for such large events, they are ideal in every situation that you would normally have flowers around. They are ideal for anniversaries, parties, corporate events, birthdays, for decorations of homes, commercial spaces, offices, and more. In fact, you can offer a bouquet to someone just because, without any particular reason.

Maybe at a certain point you fall in love with wooden flowers and you start your own business, dying them, and sell them directly in arrangements. The essential part is to find a dedicated and reliable supplier, from were you can easily purchase the necessary items. Always review products, see how they look, their size, if they are of high-quality, if they have good ratings, and such.

Of course, some blossoms might arrive a bit wrinkled during shipment, but this can easily be resolved with some warm water. You need to dip or sprinkle the petals with water and once they become soft, simply reshape them however you want. It is very efficient, and you can actually change their shape, if you want full blooms or more compact shapes. Being able to customize sola flowers and change their shape is certainly a major advantage.
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