Top 3 Reasons Why Wood Flowers Wedding Bouquets Will Be Trending Next Year

Posted August 6, 2021 by AbbyClare

When wood flowers wedding bouquets were first used in the West, people thought it was a nice idea, but a passing one.
When wood flowers wedding bouquets were first used in the West, people thought it was a nice idea, but a passing one. Time proved them wrong and that wooden flowers are here to stay. With more and more websites for suppliers popping up each day, wooden flowers have become a staple for modern weddings and especially for those that want to make a lasting impression on each and every guest.

How Did Wood Flowers Wedding Bouquets Get So Popular?

People have been using flowers made from different materials for decades. In the Indian sub-continent these types of flowers have been a part of the local wedding rituals and hold a very special place in the cultural heritage of the area. In more recent years however, event organizers, and especially wedding planners have been using this kind of flowers as an alternative to the more expensive and often pretentious natural flowers. And the trend seems to have caught on. More and more people have been integrating them into their wedding plans.

But why is a wood flowers wedding bouquet so popular? Firstly, one should consider that the price of the flowers used in this kind of bouquet is just a fraction of what it would be is real flowers would be used. That means that more flowers can be used and more intricate arrangements can be made. This really helps when the bride has her heart set on a certain look. It also comes in handy when some flowers might get damaged. One can just simply order, or even make, new ones. It really takes away the stress of ordering and caring for natural flowers.

Another big advantage of opting for a wood flowers bouquet for your wedding is that the flowers themselves can be customized in almost any way one can imagine. From adding a special texture to applying a certain color, the flowers can be made to look, feel and even smell like anything the customer wants. And, because doing this is relatively easy, this can even be done by the wedding party as a fun activity and away of creating something special together. Granted, if you want something more special than just red roses, you should consider getting some expert help, but the point is that you can have fun with it and make it fit your own imagination. This is why you should always check to see the newest videos and articles online about the trends in wooden flower designs.

People like to keep memories as long as possible. That is why a wood flowers wedding bouquet is the perfect way of hanging on to a special day in your life. If taken care of properly, these bouquets can last forever. All you need to do is find some information about how to preserve them or ask your wood flower supplier for some tips. Usually, a coat of lacquer can do the trick, but depending on where you plan to store the bouquet and what kind of wood is used, some more specialized help might be needed. Regardless whether you do it yourself or get help for it, you will be able to have a treasured memory to look back upon for years to come. Who knows? Maybe a new tradition can even be started? Just like mothers passing down their wedding dressed to their daughters, maybe someday a mother could give her daughter the same bouquet she used at her wedding.

3 Reasons Why Wood Flowers Bouquets Will Be Trending Next Year at Weddings

A lot of people have picked up creating wood flowers, and various arrangements, as a hobby or a way of killing time while stuck indoors. Also, with materials being cheap and widely accessible, this way of spending time is a favorite with almost anybody that has an artistic side. But making wooden flowers isn’t just a hobby. Some have made it into a full-scale business. And weddings are some of their main customers.

For those that thought that wood flowers wedding bouquets are just a passing fad, they should check out sites like to better understand why this trend will be here next year too. Firstly, more and more industries are trying to introduce as many reusable and natural materials into their processes. Growing, harvesting, shipping and caring for natural flowers involves a lot of resources, most of which are non-renewable. Wood flowers are made using sustainable materials and don’t require so many special conditions in order to be handled and cared for. All they actually need are some creative hands to get them to look as the client wants and to arrange them in a perfect bouquet.

Another reason why wood flowers wedding bouquets are here to stay is because of their versatility. With many species of plants drawing closer to extinction due to overharvesting, wooden flowers make for a great alternative, as they can be made to look as any type of flower on Earth all you need is to find a good craftsman or your own personal artistic side. Also, wooden flowers are always in season. So you don’t have to worry about your orchids not blooming in December. Flowers made out of wood are practically here to be molded into anything one can imagine. All you have to do is be as creative as you can and make sure that you choose the right flower associations.

With a lot of people going through some hard times in the last years, wood flowers wedding bouquets can be the solution they were looking for. Because the materials used are widely available, wooden flowers are cheaper than natural ones. That means that any bride can have the bouquet of her dreams, as long as they accept it out of wood. Natural flower bouquets, and other wedding floral arrangements, can really put a dent in any wedding budget. This is another way wooden flowers can save the day.
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