What can you do in order to Make Your Sola Wood Flowers Stand Out?

Posted July 8, 2020 by AbbyClare

Sola wood flowers, also sometimes referred to as wooden wedding flowers, have been around for decades. They have become the popular choice between natural flowers and any other alternative.
Sola wood flowers, also sometimes referred to as wooden wedding flowers, have been around for decades. They have become the popular choice between natural flowers and any other alternative. This is because, besides being more resistant than natural flowers, wooden ones are also highly customizable, making them the perfect medium for artistic experimentation. They are also a great way for people to express their creative sides and create something that they are proud of.

The Differences between Wooden Wedding Flowers and Real Flowers

The people in the event planning industry and those in the arts and crafts business will tell you that wooden wedding flowers have been a real game changer when it comes to the way people deal with their floral needs. The many differences between real flowers and wooden ones have been making people choose the latter for all kinds of events. Wooden flowers have gained a huge popularity in the Western world after being introduced from India, where they were used in many traditional ceremonial events.

1. They are longer lasting than real flowers
As the name implies, https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ wooden wedding flowers are made out of wood and thusly have a longer lifespan than natural flowers. Granted, that lifespan can be influenced by storage conditions and other factors, but they do outlive their natural counterparts if well kept.

2. There are no style restrictions
Many people might have already found out the hard way that when it comes to choosing natural flowers for a bouquet or other floral arrangement there are some serious restrictions such as seasonal availability. With wooden wedding flowers you don’t have this problem. All one has to do is pick the flower one prefers and then just say how many of them he wants. If one wants orchids in mid-July, one can have them without the fear of wilting or of an imperfect bloom.

3. They are handcrafted
Although nobody is saying that Mother Nature doesn’t do a good job with her flowers, the craftsmen that create the wooden wedding flowers are doing a pretty good job themselves. Because each flower is individually crafted, no two are alike. That makes each delicate flower a little work of art that somebody took the time and poured in the passion to make.

4. You can customize them as you like
Think of each wooden flower as a blank canvas waiting for you to express you creativity on it. Because the wood these flowers are made out of is so malleable yet still resilient, you can pretty much customize them in any way you like. From petal shape to color and even to perfume, these flowers are yours to let your imagination run wild.

5. They are very versatile
Wooden flowers can basically be used for any kind of event and make a lasting impression on the person receiving them and on the others present. From weddings to graduations and all the way to Mother’s Day and other celebrations, wooden flowers bring a certain touch of wholesome class to the entire event.

6. They are good as a hobby
If you don’t necessarily want wooden flowers for a special event, and are just looking to kill a few hours in a day or to brush up on your crafting skills, than wooden flowers are the thing for you. Anybody can start making them as a hobby and just use them as a way of relaxing while still doing something beautiful in the process. Getting started is easy enough too. Starter kits are available in almost all hobby shops and instructional videos can be found all over the internet. all you have to do is bring your imagination and the patience required for learning to make something new.

Customizing Sola Wood Flowers

Some people might thing that making https://www.luvsolaflowers.com/ sola wood flowers is all there is to it. They are wrong. Once you’ve made the flowers you get to customize them. Of course, some might prefer to leave them as natural looking as possible, and that is their choice. But for the ones that don’t want the fun to stop they can alter and customize their flowers in almost any way they want. Most people start by adding a stem to their flower in order to make it look more close to the real thing and to make it easier to set in an arrangement. You might think that for a beginner that is too hard. This is where video tutorials come to the rescue once again. There are thousands of tutorials online that help you do any kind of customization work by offering step by step instructions.

Another fan favorite is dyeing your sola wood flowers. Depending on what you are hoping to gain from this you can either use acrylic colors in order to get a vibrant and long lasting color, while some might prefer the more subtle watercolors for that more natural and pale look. You can even try some new things and experiment. For instance, you can use fabrics in order to create a pattern on your petals, or you can mix colors on the same flower. If you don’t really know how to get started, video tutorials are here to save the day once more. Whatever you want to do, your sola wood flowers are your canvas awaiting you to unleash your creative energies.

There are a lot of things one can do with sola wood flowers. All it takes is a little imagination and the courage to experiment. There are no wrong answers here. Anything you do with those flowers represent who you are and how you see things. From adding colors and perfumes to arranging them around the house or offering them as gifts on special occasions, wooden flowers have this perfect little way of being just the right thing. They are here to help anyone express their uniqueness and creativity and possibly bring a smile to whoever sees them.
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