What Features to Evaluate When You Need a Proper Colourant

Posted May 28, 2016 by abigaylemark

Industries, as well as individuals might at some point be involved in a project that requires the use of an adequate colourant.
Industries, as well as individuals might at some point be involved in a project that requires the use of an adequate colourant. Find out what features should be assessed when searching for the right colouring product.
Pending on the material on which you plan to apply the colourant you must keep account of different specifications. You can’t obtain perfect pigment dispersion unless you choose the right colourant for the surface you plan to paint. Making the right option will enable you to gain full control over the pigment dispersion and obtain the wanted result. Regardless of how small or large your project is, whether it’s a one-time process or you will repeatedly make use of a particular colourant, it’s a good idea to get advice from a serious pigment manufacturer after you initially do your own research. Doing your own research about pigment dispersion will help you better evaluate features. You will also be prepared to ask the right questions when you get in contact with a specialized assistant.
There are basically three stages involved in pigment dispersion. For obtaining the best result with the process of wetting, dispersion and stabilization you must initially make sure that you apply the most appropriate colourant for the subjected surface. You must also think about the exposure and use of the end product so that you obtain long lasting results. For general industrial paints you need to search for rapid coating and recoating, resistance to light, or dust. For decorative painting you are advised to avoid organic pigments. For higher saturation and grain enhancement you are suggested to use organic pigments. Opacity and transparency are among the essential features you need to select. For this concern you might also want to get familiar with the meaning and importance of rheology. This term is used to refer to the flow and viscosity of a substance. It should be quite essential when the colourant is applied on large surfaces and efficiency is a major concern.
Don’t forget to ask about the toxicity of a colourant and keep in mind the fact that you have eco-friendly solutions to choose from. Another thing you must consider when shopping for the right colourant is temperature stability. During the dispersion project the fluctuation of temperature can seriously affect the final result. Temperature stability is important for keeping things under control. You must also evaluate the pigment for flooding properties, so that you avoid colour change during the drying process. If you have a deadline with your colouring project you should also be interested in drying specifications. Some pigments may dry in no longer than thirty minutes, while others may take longer. A shop assistant might neglect some aspects that are really important for your project. That’s why you should learn what to expect and then ask the right questions in order to get to the best pigment for your needs. So, get online find trustworthy manufacturers who offer convenient costs and a wide range of selection and make the best choice for your coluring project!
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