Automotive Motors - Reciprocating Piston Internal Combustion Motors, How To Classify

Posted June 13, 2019 by Aggisxjetl

The Danfoss Motor describes the classification of internal combustion motors:
Common gasoline motor motors and diesel motor motors are all reciprocating piston internal combustion motors, which convert the chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy of piston movement and output power externally. The gasoline motor has high speed, low quality, low noise, easy starting and low manufacturing cost. The diesel motor has large compression ratio, high thermal efficiency, and better economic performance and emission performance than gasoline motors. The Danfoss Motor describes the classification of internal combustion motors:

Internal combustion motor classification
1. According to the working mode of the intake system, it can be divided into four types: natural inhalation, turbocharging, supercharging and double boosting.

2. According to the piston movement mode, it can be divided into two types: reciprocating piston type internal combustion motor and rotary piston type motor.
In-line motor, V-type motor, W-type motor and horizontally opposed motor, etc.

3. According to the number of cylinders, it can be divided into single-cylinder motor and multi-cylinder motor. Modern cars use three-cylinder, four-cylinder, six-cylinder and eight-cylinder motors.

4. According to different cooling methods, it can be divided into water-cooled motor and air-cooled motor. The water-cooled motor is evenly cooled, reliable in operation and good in cooling effect, and is widely used in modern vehicle motors.

5. According to the number of strokes can be divided into four-stroke internal combustion motor and two-stroke internal combustion motor. Four-stroke internal combustion motors are widely used in automobile motors.

6. Classified by fuel supply mode: carburetor motor and EFI motor and in-cylinder direct injection motor.
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