Benefits of Rotating Running Shoes

Posted May 21, 2014 by AldoMoore

Asics are one of the best running shoes manufacturer. General distributor for Serbia and region is Tref Sport – Sportska Oprema. To get more info about this company please visit official website
What often seems to be causing running-related injuries is running in worn-out shoes. As time passes, a running shoe appears to be losing its shock absorption and support. If a person keeps on wearing worn-out shoes, the very impact on tendons and joints might result in a strain injury. One of the measures you can take to prevent these kinds of injuries from happening is to purchase a new pair as soon as you notice the old ones get worn out. Running shoes always buy in specialized running stores, like Tref Sport .

Nevertheless, how is one supposed to know when it is time to get rid of old shoes? The one thing your decision shouldn’t be based on are treads. The midsole, being responsible for cushioning, tends to wear down before the signs of it appear to be showing on the outsole. Given that you’ve been experiencing strain or shin splints, it is probable that the running shoes in question lack sufficient cushioning. A foolproof manner of determining whether your shoes are worn out is to replace them every 300 to 400 miles, according to your running surface, technique as well as your body weight. Those who prefer running on rough roads might want to consider replacing their running shoes sooner than those usually running on a treadmill. Once you have bought a new pair make sure you remember the exact purchase date so that you could keep track of your mileage.

After a pair has reached about 150 miles, a thing that comes to mind is shoe rotation since rotating two or more pairs of running shoes has numerous advantages. Not only will it result in increased durability, but it will also make it possible for the mid-sole cushioning to decompress between runs. Furthermore, a spare pair can serve you as a guideline for determining when the old one no longer offers enough stability. Exercising in various pairs of shoes offers diversity in a similar manner to switching up running surfaces, since it reduces the risk of incurring a repetitive strain injury which affects those who tend to run on the same surface. The reason behind this is that different pairs of shoes redistribute the force of impact, subsequently minimizing the stress on your joints. In addition to that, studies have shown that there are numerous advantages to wearing two or more pairs of shoes, since it can significantly decrease the risk of running-related injury.

Nevertheless, when changing your workout routine, make sure to be moderate at first so that your body is capable of adapting itself. Start by running a couple of miles on a weekly basis and afterwards increase your mileage gradually over the course of the following weeks. Even if you happen to experience soreness after running, rest assured since it takes some getting used to a new pair. The majority of runners come to realize that a shoe offering the most stability is adequate for long distance running whereas a minimalist running footwear is more suitable for recovery runs. All things considered, incorporating diversity in your running routine can’t hurt since it varies muscle engagement.

Asics are one of the best running shoes manufacturer. General distributor for Serbia and region is Tref Sport – Sportska Oprema. To get more info about this company please visit official website

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