Interview with emily desimone, director of global marketing at SLM solutions

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Emily DeSimone, Director Global Marketing at SLM Solutions, is an innovative, results-driven marketer with a passion for value ad product innovation.
Emily DeSimon, Global Marketing Director at SLM Solutions, is an innovative, results-driven marketer passionate about innovating value-added advertising products. His revenue growth trick involves working with executives to market and sell products to create and launch innovative channels.

Media 7. What motivated you to pursue a marketing career?
Emily DeSimon. At first I wanted to market events to travel, but I fell in love with using data to make informed decisions. The art of marketing կապ linking science is about using data և technology to get the right people with the right message. That's the perfect connection. If any part of it is misplaced, it will be mentioned in the reports և analysis.

M7: SLM Solutions was the first manufacturer to offer matching multi-laser machines. How has the market evolved over the years?
ED. SLM Solutions' portfolio of commercial solutions has evolved based on customer needs and market data. It is a conscious decision that R&D priority projects should be put up for sale to better support our customers and their production.

I think the most attractive thing about SLM Solutions is the innovative pipeline, how it can better serve our customers, their production needs. It gives me some confidence in our message, because we are not just selling a product that we have not defined fit for, but everything that comes on the market is designed for needs.
M7. For what industry does SLM Solutions offer machines, materials և services?
ED. SLM Solutions focuses on four key pillars on which our product portfolio is based: productivity, open architecture, reliability and security. As a holistic approach, these central considerations enable us to support the procurement process, aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, health, tools, science, research.

M7. What strategies will help you explore regional և local market trends in specific demographics?
Talk to the customer. The best thing about customers is that they are always ready to speak up. I think the most sincere և successful answer is first to listen, second to act. Good or bad, if you do not do anything with the information you are given, you are not helping the company progress towards success.

M7. How do you see the role of marketing director change և What advice do you have for new marketing enthusiasts?
- Evaluate the foundation on which you were taught, but always be prepared to turn around. The main marketing tactics we all know did not work out for this year's review. Traditionally, I would say that the director is the one who got to where he is based on his personal performance. Today I would say that my success was due to team effort. Surround yourself with people who are better than you in certain skills. I adapt to where my weaknesses are, I think that is what makes our team so strong.
M7. How has the COVID-19 epidemic affected your work? What day-to-day processes did you need to restart to be able to do them remotely?
- The most challenging challenge was navigating the virtual environment as a substitute for solo trade shows. In the CapEx business, you rely heavily on trade shows as a major source of lead genes. However, when we face a challenge, we do. We have digitally increased our presence, transformed our website into a customer journey to better map the user interface, and digitally introduced new products. Maybe our team feels connected. So, we come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it's really fun.

M7: If you know what you know now, what advice would you give to a younger person?
ED. Do everything. When you do everything right, that's what you can give. When I was younger, այսօր even today, I have to remind myself that when the scope of a program seems incredibly intimidating, you take it one step at a time because you know you're going to achieve something, you just have to start it. Do not be afraid to move out of your industry to learn the best practices. It may be something that surprises you or inspires you to try out your industry. Make sure your actions and achievements help the organization improve.


As a pioneer in the laser selective melting process, our company focuses on developing and selling the most innovative, production-oriented metal additive production systems. Our focus is on product leadership և innovation առաջ using this approach as our customer.

As part of our commitment, the SLM® team uses our engineering facilities around the world to foster collaboration on AM metal projects to scale the production of our customers. SLM Solutions offers clients consulting, installation, maintenance, training այլ other training opportunities to apply their skills լավագույն best practice of selective laser melting.
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