How to Remortgage to Release Equity

Posted January 25, 2022 by AliciaKaran

If you have a mortgage and you paid a lot of the amount already or n time, the value of the house has increased considerably, then you might have a lot of equity in the property.
If you have a mortgage and you paid a lot of the amount already or n time, the value of the house has increased considerably, then you might have a lot of equity in the property. Remortgage to release equity is possible, especially to get some extra money. Maybe you want to renovate the house, to pay some debts you have, go on vacation, pay for your kids’ education, and such. There are many situations when homeowners require money.

There are many benefits involved and it is important to understand what equity is, what remortgage means, so you can weigh the pros and cons, and especially the long-term costs involved. There are many possibilities nowadays to access funds, to remortgage, but it matters what suits your needs and situation the most. If you don’t want to be alone in the process, you can always discuss with specialists in the field.

Understanding What Equity Is

First, it is crucial to understand what equity is, before you even consider remortgage to release equity . To put it simple, it is the difference between the amount left to pay on the mortgage and the house’s market value. It is calculated as the percentage of the property that you own outright. Considering that real estate is always changing and that properties increase or decrease the market value, equity and LTV change over time.

LVT is short for loan-to value and equity depends on it. It is the percentage calculated based on the difference between the mortgage left and the house’s value. If you want to remortgage, the lender uses LVT to present rates. If you have more equity, then you have a lower loan-to-value and you can obtain better rates. There are ways to calculate the percentage and you can always use an online calculator to find out where you stand.

Of course, you can approach specialists in the field that will help you determine the rates, find the best solution for your case, and point you in the right direction. Not everyone is familiar with all terms, conditions, and instead of taking a decision that you will regret afterwards or end up paying more, you can obtain assistance and save a lot of money on long-term.

Why People Consider to Remortgage to Release Equity

Many people know about remortgaging, and they decide to get a loan against the value of their property for different reasons. Not all scenarios apply to everyone and remortgaging is not always ideal for every one of them. In fact, specialists at ukmoneyman are able to evaluate your files and help you decide what works best, and if you should take the decision after all.

People need to borrow money when they have plans or necessities, and remortgaging is just another way to do this. What is essential to consider is that it is still a form of debt and for a longer timeframe. However, if you need to renovate the house, extend it, conduct some extensive repairs, and you need money as soon as possible, then you can go on this path. Starting a new business, repaying other debts, helping children with their education or obtaining education for yourself are other good examples.

How to remortgage to release equity

In general, people decide to remortgage to release equity because the mortgage is approaching its end, or perhaps they have access to better deals since they have a lower LVT and more equity. There is another option available, to borrow more money against the property.

What this means exactly is that the value of the house has risen considerably, increasing the equity. This offers them the possibility to borrow money without increasing the monthly repayments. The extra equity comes from the value of the property. Depending on where you live, the condition of the house, you can verify this with a realtor and see if you can fit in the category.

How much equity can be released from the property?

Just as you collaborated with a lender at the beginning to obtain the mortgage, you will do the same to obtain an additional offer. The lender will check the credit score and your financial status to come up with an offer. You can use the calculators available on their websites, so you have a general idea of the amount you can borrow.

Additionally, a mortgage broker will give you a better perspective regarding the possibility to remortgage to release equity. Another factor is age, because it is more difficult to remortgage if you are approaching the retirement stage, since it is assumed that you will have less income. Perhaps you will struggle more if you are over 50.

What Are the Costs Involved to Remortgage to Release Equity?

There are some fees you need to consider to remortgage to release equity. An early repayment charge is an option, and the amount represents a percentage of the outstanding loan. An exit fee might also be required. Some important tips to help you along the way are:
• Discuss with a mortgage broker to verify if costs are worth it for remortgaging and if this is the best option for you
• Look around for the best deals
• Verify the value of your home – if the value has decreased in the last years, then it is better to reconsider

A mortgage broker will offer insight on remortgaging options, and if there are any other solutions that work better. It is not one of the easiest methods to get some extra money, and there are some other alternatives out there. For instance, a personal loan has a higher interest rate, but you can pay it over a shorter period.

If you don’t require a considerable amount of money, perhaps a credit card is best suited for your needs. Depending on the lender, perhaps you will not be required to pay for an interest rate for a set period of time. however, after the time limit, the rate is higher and there are additional fees involved.
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