Remortgage for Home Improvements or Apply for a Loan

Posted January 25, 2022 by AliciaKaran

Everyone wants to have a welcoming home, to decorate and furnish in the best way possible to suit their lifestyle.
Everyone wants to have a welcoming home, to decorate and furnish in the best way possible to suit their lifestyle. Due to regular wear and tear, a house requires home improvements after a while to bring its functionality and style back. There are so many ideas to put in practice, and homeowners think about ways to obtain the necessary money. A loan is an option, but also remortgage for home improvements.

Which solution is the best? It depends on several factors, especially if the value of your home has increased in the last year and you have more equity. It makes sense to obtain the best offers and consider all possibilities, because either way, money has to be paid back and it is essential to be able to do it.

Why Remortgage for Home Improvements

Homeowners are seeking out ways to improve their home comfort, as some spend more and more time indoors. They want to change the furniture, to paint the walls, to change the outdoor space and make it more usable, to get new appliances, and more. Since not all of them have the money upfront, they have to get a loan or to remortgage for home improvements .

Remodeling the house is certainly cheaper compared to buying a new one, a bigger one. There are so many interesting ways to make use of all available space, make it more efficient and practical. However, the common question is how to fund them, through a credit card, loan, or remortgaging. Extensive projects, such as building extensions or kitchen remodeling cost a lot of money, and not everyone has savings put aside.

Not everyone is familiar with the possibility to remortgage for home improvements, some people don’t even know this is an option. They instantly think about other ways to obtain the necessary funds, but the truth is that this is a great option in many situations. It depends on the type of mortgage you have, equity, the value of the house, your age, and the amount of money you require.

How Does Remortgaging Work

In case you have a fixed-rate mortgage, then you will make monthly repayments for a set period. Once the period is over, you will need to remortgage. It is possible to obtain more money when you switch deals, and use it for home improvements. There are some key aspects to look into to find out if you can obtain the extra money. You can always discuss with mortgage broker to obtain assistance, and if you visit our website you will find out more.

How much equity you own in your property? You can borrow more money if you made repayments for more than two or five years, and you now own more of the property. Another important aspect is the value of the property and how much it has grown in value. If you know the value increased, then you have more borrowing possibilities when you remortgage for home improvements.

Financial status

When you first applied for a mortgage, lenders considered your financial circumstances, credit score, previous loans, job stability, income, and such. This will happen again when you remortgage for home improvements. Some years have passed, and lenders want to know how serious you are, if you are able to pay everything back, and you don’t have a bad credit score.

To have an idea of how much money you can borrow, you can use a calculator from lenders’ websites and see if you qualify. Afterwards, if you want help with applications, advice, and access to more lenders, then you can discuss with mortgage brokers that know the best ways to remortgage.

Is it profitable to remortgage for home improvements?

Compared to other forms of financing, such as loans or credit card, remortgaging can be cheaper. The best part is that you can pay the amount you borrow over the term of the mortgage. If you get a personal loan, then you need to give back the amount in two-five years. This is usually up to you and how much you can afford to pay monthly.

The rate you will get depends on the loan-to-value. It is not recommended to remortgage for home remodeling or any purpose if the value of the property decreased and you don’t have a good amount of equity. You will end up paying more and perhaps are not able to afford the rates from the first place.

Why Renovate the House

What are the reasons behind remortgage for home improvements? If you plan to spend a considerable amount, at least make sure that the changes will add value to your home. In case you plan to sell the property in the near future, perhaps making a big investment is not worth it. Taking in more debt to increase the value is a gamble, and perhaps it does not make much sense in the short term.

More to it, you can access some interesting initiatives to obtain cheaper mortgage rates. For instance, if you want to make your home more energy efficient, you can apply for certain green programs and pay considerably lower rates.

It is best to investigate the market and find out what you can apply for, if you are eligible, if there are any perks, the rates for the loans, the available lenders, and more. If you want better access to this information, discuss with a mortgage broker.

Why Approach Mortgage Brokers

Approaching mortgage brokers makes sense whenever you want to obtain a loan. These specialists have a vast experience in the field, they work directly with lenders, they know the rates, the available options, how to calculate the credit score, and give you valuable insight on all possibilities regarding remortgaging.

Instead of doing everything on your own, trying to find lenders, fill up applications, try to understand terms and conditions, it is better to go straight to someone that has the knowledge and networking. You have better access to a wider range of lenders, you can obtain better rates, and find out ways to improve your credit score.
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