How do odometers work, and how can odometer disclosure statements work?

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Odometer is one of the most important components of a vehicle. It presents a record of the distance travelled by a vehicle during its lifetime. Odometers can be mechanical as well as digital.
An odometer disclosure statement records the odometer reading at the time of sale of the vehicle and can be used as a tool to check odometer fraud. Many fraudsters also tamper with the odometers to raise the value of a used car.

An odometer is a device used for measuring the distance covered by an automobile. It can be mechanical, electronic, or a hybrid of both technologies – electromechanical.

How does an odometer work?

The operation of mechanical odometers begins at the transmission. The transmission system has a small gear fit used for operating the odometer. To this gear, the speedometer drive cable is connected. The opposite end of the cable goes into the instrument cluster.

When the car starts moving, the internal transmission gear rotates, and the connected drive cable sends the gear motion to a set of gears connected to changeable digits.

The counting of miles travelled starts on display and continues until the numbers reach their peak value, and at that point, it resets to zero and starts all over again.

Similar to mechanical odometers, digital ones also use special gear to change the display reflected on the dashboard.

However, the drive cable is replaced by a magnetic sensor that tracks the number of gear turns in the transmission. The information received is then relayed by wires to the car computer on-board, which calculates and converts the information into a mileage.

Electronic odometers hold the edge, as they are more accurate than mechanical ones and cannot be easily manipulated.

What is an odometer disclosure statement?

An Odometer Disclosure Statement is a document that is legally binding and records the accurate mileage on the odometer at the time of sale-purchase. If the mileage is incorrect, it should be recorded on the statement.
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