The role of odometers in buying used cars and how odometer disclosure statement helps stay clear of odometer fraud

Posted June 30, 2022 by allenstewartpc

Odometers are crucial in determining the mileage of a vehicle and hence determine its resale value. However, you need to understand how does an odometer work if you wish to avoid becoming a victim of odometer fraud.
When buying a used car, the mileage is one of the most significant factors to consider. The pricing and maintenance costs of used cars are affected by their mileage.

How does an odometer work?

The odometer is a device that displays the distance traveled by a vehicle. It will be difficult for drivers to determine the miles if the vehicle does not have an odometer.

Most odometers count wheel rotations and presume that the distance traveled is equal to the number of wheel rotations multiplied by the tire circumference.

Why is the odometer important?

The importance of the odometer on a used car can be seen for the following reasons:

Know the vehicle's age – If the car's mileage is low, the initial assumption is that it has been driven for a long time. This indicates that the vehicle has seen its fair share of wear and tear and will require frequent maintenance.

Engine size — A car with a large engine will have high mileage and be considered suitable for extended cross-state trips. If the car's mileage is low, on the other hand, it could indicate that the engine is small and requires regular auto repair and maintenance if driven for a long distance.

Maintenance history – If the automobile has many miles on it and is still in good shape, it has been well-maintained and has had its scheduled servicing. This indicates that the vehicle is unlikely to require frequent repairs and will likely survive a long period.

What is an odometer disclosure statement, and how can it help against fraud?

It's crucial to understand what is an odometer disclosure statement. It is a legally binding document that accurately records the mileage on the odometer at the moment of sale. It should be noted on the statement if the mileage is inaccurate.

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