With Allen Stewart P.C. Offering Some Crucial Services, Checking Car Mileage Is Not an Issue

Posted May 18, 2022 by allenstewartpc

Are you looking for some valuable techniques to check odometer fraud in the car you have bought? Check how this Dallas-based law firm can help you.
Odometer frauds are among the most common automotive scams. Texan car buyers fall victim to this each year. While it can be frustrating, something may make these buyers happy. Allen Stewart P.C., a leading law firm in Dallas, Texas, offers legal services in various areas, with odometer frauds being one of them.

They provide detailed guidelines to new car buyers on how to check car mileage to detect if there is any discrepancy in the record. Falsified odometer readings can lead to significant financial losses. So, following their guidelines on checking car mileage will undoubtedly help thousands of car lovers out there.

When asked about what they suggest, one of the officials replied, "Usually, whenever someone asks us how to check car mileage, we suggest that he or she does these checks themselves. For example, checking the motor vehicle titles is one of the key requirements we recommend. The reason is that these titles show accurate readings recorded each time a new owner had bought the vehicle. So, if anyone can minutely compare the latest mileage notation with the vehicle's mileage reading, he or she can easily detect any discrepancy. Sometimes, the title itself can also be altered. Another thing we suggest is checking for whether there are any scratch marks or loose screws present near the dashboard."

He also added, "It's unfortunate that many unethical car sellers frequently falsify the mileage records and reset digital odometers. That is why checking the maintenance and oil change records is a mandatory thing to do."
In the end, he jokingly said, "Well, one may want to learn how to lower mileage on a car. In that case, we're sorry that we cannot help. The reason is simple: it's an illegal activity."

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Allen Stewart P.C. is one of the leading toxic tort attorney firms in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, it provides the necessary support to people who big companies have harmed. Their lawyers can provide services in various areas, from auto frauds to lemon law cases. If you face any issue with the shady practice of how to lower mileage on a car, then you can approach our lawyers.


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