The 9 Recommendations of The Qatari Government To Build A Successful Website

Posted June 23, 2022 by alyafei-ameera

Owning a website is one of the basic assets of any business. Now, it is not enough to establish your business offline, and that’s it.
Owning a website is one of the basic assets of any business. Now, it is not enough to establish your business offline, and that’s it. Internet is full of billions of users that are waiting new compelling offers to deal with. So, if you want to develop your business and get more exposure, you have to start with a website.

I don’t know if is that you are, but there are many people look at building their websites as if it is a kind of Rocket Science. Actually, we live with tons of online tools that made it as easy as you can imagine. A platform like WordPress gives you the ability to build your website in just few minutes. We mean: Building a website is not the issue you should worry about, but what is beyond this step.

The Qatari Recommendations to Have A Successful Website

Actually, Qatar is one of most interested countries in e-commerce. It is not only about the wide market that Qatar represent but also for the governmental procedures for e-commerce business in general. Qatar procedures attracts both of local and international investors in this growing market.

One of these procedures is educating. Education process is working well for both of entrepreneurs and normal users. Qatari Government aims to give user the best experience and entrepreneur the highest ROI.

So, they recommend the next 9 recommendations for you – as an entrepreneur – to build a successful website:

1. Start With A Vision

What is the future of your project? And how do you expect it? This is the starting point for your business. Why? Of course, the website should be built for its purpose but the point that you don’t know exactly what you may need in future, unless you have a vision. You may start as simple as you can afford, but what about your business in future? Number of products? Services? Updates? You have to keep it all in mind.
Plus, it is a big mistake to use FREE or well-known theme for the website. This time, it is all about branding. You have to position your image in the users’ mind. This point is vital to a business that is built to continue.

2.Know Your Audience

It is basic to know your target audience; their requirements, what they like, what they don’t, what market is, and more. This is vital for the content you are going to use in the website. You have to build the ideal Buyer Persona of your business and fix his/her frustrations. Plus you have to know more how to formulate your message in ads.

It is not logic to offer a diamond necklace to B or C class. This is money and time waste, plus it turns your campaign to ironic post socially. Of course, it is not your target.

Learn your product well, know your audience, choose the right context, and then publish a campaign that gets the true ROI.

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