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Posted November 28, 2021 by amazoncarremoval

If you have a car approaching its end of life, you can easily sell it to Amazon Car Removal, Sydney’s most trusted car removal company.
30th Nov’21, Sydney, Australia: The scrap car removal industry has been growing in popularity for several reasons. It has been a big blessing in helping Australia deal with the pollution caused by junk cars. Junk cars lying around are hazardous to the environment. They not only create a problem of filling up landfills but also pollute the soil beneath as toxins from rusting cars seep into the ground. Rusting cars also mean a whole lot of metal just being wasted. The scrap car removal industry has played a pivotal role in managing automobile waste. While people are more focused on the latest models launching in the car market and are often excited about upgrading their cars, very little thought is given to the other side of the automobile industry i.e., what happens to cars that have reached their end of life?

When cars reach their end of life it is advisable to give sell it to professional recyclers because the good news is that more than 80% of a vehicle can be recycled. This means that for every car approximately 20% of the junk reaches the landfill. There are millions of cars purchased every year which also means that an equivalent number of cars would end up in a landfill. That would have disastrous consequences on the environment. Economists and environmentalists alike have enumerated several ways in which the scrap car removal industry has a positive impact on the economy as well as environment.

Here Are Some Facts About The Global Scrap Car Removal Industry.

• Every year around 27 million cars are recycled globally.
• Automobiles have now become the most recycled consumer product.
• The automobiles that are recycled in the United States and Canada are enough to produce approximately 13 million new vehicles.
• The Exxon Valdez disaster known as one of the most destructive man-made environmental disasters was caused due to the spillage of crude oil. The amount of fluids that are reclaimed safely due to the recycling of automobiles it equal to 8 Exxon Valdez disasters.
• Recyclers also help in providing good quality vehicle parts to wholesale and retail stores at a much lower price. Buying a new part could cost much more.
• Annually around 14 million tons of steel is recovered from recycled automobiles which saves so much energy and natural resources that would be used to mine the ore. Most of the steel available in the market today is recycled.
• The aluminium recovered from a vehicle is almost 50% its scrap value.
• Car batteries can be almost completely recycled.
• The scrap car removal companies are said to play a role in reducing the number of accidents on road as they buy vehicles approaching the end of life, therefore there are lesser faulty and abandoned vehicles on road.
• Tires and other car parts are recycled to create several other products.
• The scrap car recycling industry seems to bring about a new change in global trends by increasing the opportunities for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future of the automobile industry.

If you have a car approaching its end of life, you can easily sell it to Amazon Car Removal, Sydney’s most trusted car removal company. With a drive to serve customers, Amazon Car Removal makes sure that customers get the best value for their scrap cars. Following a simple 3-step process that includes asking for a quote, scheduling a pick up anywhere in Sydney, and finally collecting the cash for your car after completing the necessary paperwork. The company is known for its super quick and hassle-free services that are completed within the time-frame of 24 hours under trained expertise.

You can get an offer of up to $8000 for your unwanted car along with free towing services as well as paperwork. Amazon Car Removal offers services to customers such as purchasing old, unwanted, scrap, junk and accidental cars, dismantling the vehicle to remove working parts and recycling it. The company is fully insured and is licenced to purchase your old cars. Their superior valuation helps you get the best price in the market for your car. Apart from selling your car you can also find a large gallery of car parts that you may require for small repairs.

About The Company

Amazon Car Removal is a leading car removal company that has helped hundreds of customers to get rid of their vehicles from both urban and rural towns. The company’s official headquarters is based in Sydney. As pioneers in their trade, Amazon Car Removal focuses on saving time, reducing upfront charges, giving customers an unbelievable deal, and improving the quality of how vehicles are wrecked. They are also reputed for minimalistic processes, white transaction speed, and better deals.
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