How to Make Sure That You Are Buying the Right Bird Food for Your Feathered Friend?

Posted January 22, 2021 by AnaBrenda

A lot of first-time bird owners can find themselves having quite the difficult time understanding what kind of bird food their pet needs or which bird seed mix is the best and why.
A lot of first-time bird owners can find themselves having quite the difficult time understanding what kind of bird food their pet needs or which bird seed mix is the best and why. And who can blame them. There are a lot of options out there and making the right decision implies some serious research. But the research itself can be sometimes confusing. There are a lot of ideas flying around online, from people that are more or less knowledgeable about birds. This is why it is important that they get their information from a serious source such as a veterinarian. This way they can make sure that they are giving their pets the best food that they can find.

What Exactly Is Bird Seed?

Over the years, birds have been one of mans’ greatest friends. Sure they can’t jump up on you when you walk into the house or bring your paper, as dogs do for instance. But to be fair not many dogs do that either. Birds however can do a lot of other neat tricks that can bring a smile to your face even in the gloomiest of days. They can learn to speak or even play using various toys. They can be taught tricks and some even enjoy cuddling with their owners after a long day. In a word, birds are great, and that’s why it is so important that each and every bird owner should know how to take care of their bird. Especially when it comes to feeding them.

A lot of people thing that simply buying some bird seed is enough to make their budgie or finch. But there’s more to buying this kind of food than simply popping down to your local animal store and picking the first bag you see on the shelve. Firstly, one should know what bird seed is before buying any. Bird seed refers to a mix of seeds that is specifically made for a certain species of birds. Sure, you can choose a more general mix, that covers the basics of most diets, but in order to make sure that you are buying what your friend really needs, you should do some research on what their specific needs are. Fortunately, there are a lot of internet pages and forums that cover this subject, and some even give examples of where to buy the best of each seed, how to make your own mix or which brands to look for when buying from a store. Also, when in doubt about what the internet has to say, you can ask your local animal shopkeeper or veterinarian.

Secondly, you should understand how each type of seed in the bird seed mix can influence your pet. Some seeds are for energy while others might help your pet with his digestion. Also, you should know that certain species of birds prefer certain types of seeds. For instance, small finches prefer thistle. If you can’t find any thistle, the next best thing you can try is niger seeds. You can find them in most specialized shops as they are very popular among bird owners. The seeds of the niger plant are very similar to the ones of the daisy. They are usually imported and heat-sterilized during transportation. But that only helps seal in the nutrients and stop them from spreading and sprouting.

How to Choose the Right Bird Food?

When choosing bird food for your little feathery friend there are a series of criteria one should keep in mind in order to make the right decision. With a very large variety to choose from one might get easily distracted and end up buying something that his pet won’t eat or worse even harm him. So it is important, especially for first time bird owners to make sure that they know what kind of bird food they can give their bird and how to find it. Firstly, anyone looking for bird food should start by researching what their bird actually eats. There are tons of books and online articles one can read in order to find out more about ones’ pet. But, if you don’t know where to start, don’t trust the people writing that kind of stuff or simply feeling overwhelmed by the information, your best chance is to go to your vet and have a sit down with him and ask him what you’d like to now.

Secondly, anyone looking to buy bird food should know that more expensive isn’t necessarily better. There are a lot of companies out there claiming that their product is better that others because it has this chemical in it or that supplement. When in doubt, stick to what you know. Namely buy generic rather than brand and try to balance your birds’ diet yourself with other means. You will learn soon enough what your bird likes and doesn’t like and what he needs in order to be happy and full of energy. There are a lot of ways of giving your pet the stuff it needs to be happy besides the food. There are special drops that you can mix in his water. There are special tablets that you can hang on his cage and let him nibble on whenever he wants. There are eve treats you can give him when playing or training him. Also, don’t buy bulk, unless you are sure that you know your pets diet and don’t plan on changing it too soon. Dietary preferences and requirements change over time. You don’t want to get stuck with a pantry full of bird food that your bird won’t eat. Buy only as much as you need and don’t stock up too much or you might find yourself throwing money out the window.

Another thing one should think about when buying pets food is the age of the pet. As with all living beings, birds have different dietary requirements depending on their age. That means that once your bird gets older a very high energy diet might not be the right thing for it. Check with your vet when you notice any change in the way your pet is eating and make sure that you do regular check-ups. The words “special diet” might scare some bird owners, but they don’t have to be frightened. Having so many options to choose from on the market means that you can find quite easily what you are looking for and for a price that won’t be too steep. All you have to do is make sure that the bird food you are buying is the right one.
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