The Importance of Bird Toys for a Good Development

Posted November 25, 2021 by AnaBrenda

All pets need playtime to develop properly, to remain healthy from a physical and psychological point of view.
All pets need playtime to develop properly, to remain healthy from a physical and psychological point of view. You might believe that birds can sit in a cage all day long and entertain you, but it is not the case. Bird toys are mandatory, and you will be able to enjoy their company for more years, to help them be more independent, and confident. Parrot toys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and it is essential to discover the right ones for your companion.

Why Search for Bird Toys

Birds get bored if they are left unattended for long periods, if they don’t socialize, or interact with items in the surroundings. Think about their behavior in the wild, how much they fly, how they forage for food, how they interact with other birds, explore trees, and other elements in their natural habitat. When they live inside your house, they don’t have the opportunity to do all those activities anymore. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to recreate some elements and activities through bird toys, to help your pet thrive, and to avoid the development of bad behavior.

For instance, if they feel bored or stressed, parrots start plucking their feathers, they get depressed, refuse to eat, and soon enough they will die. This is one behavior that all owners must avoid and not allow to occur. Not to mention there are so many amazing supplies on the market these days, toys of all kind, supplements, even foods that are available in intriguing packages and shapes, so that you allow your feathered friend to live comfortably in your home. Birds need a lot of attention, and with the right supplies you can make the transition in the house a lot easier.

What Bird Toys Offer

In case you don’t have any bird toys or you did not play with your bird using them, then you are missing out on a great activity. A varied environment is what keeps them active and healthy. Otherwise, they will exhibit negative behavior, very harmful for you as well, such as biting and screaming. The benefits of play are numerous and they are as important as a nutritious diet. If you care about your pet, you certainly want to provide the best treatment, and you choose the best diet, living conditions, look after their health, and play time.

Birds require mental stimulation, they are very smart and intuitive, and you can find so many interactive toys that stimulate their curiosity and mind. Some toys are ideal for foraging, treats can be placed inside, while others are perfect for chewing or cuddling. Some toys make sounds, and they are very colorful, so your pet will be very intrigued by them. Let’s not forget that birds in general have the need to forage and chew, they like to climb trees and branches, and you can satisfy these by offering the right toys.

It is also crucial for your pet to stay active so they don’t get overweight. Physical health is improved by exercising, and if you spend more time with your friend, then you can both win in the situation. If they put some effort into playing with toys, they will be happier and more satisfied. Even if you have an older pet, you can still teach it to play. The key is to not give up. Even if you offer some bird toys and you see there is no interest, keep trying, play together, explore the needs they have, and you will be surprised to see that at one point they will be more than interested.

Under supervision, you can start with destructible toys, those made from paper are great because they tear and your bird will love the moment. You can hang some toys from their cage, so they can grab them and tear them to pieces. Afterwards, you can invest in more durable toys, so they have trouble destroying them so easily. If you play along, you will develop a better relationship, become closer, and you get to unwind and relieve some stress.

To encourage foraging, hide some treats in the foraging toys. Your bird will love this, and will become even more interested in them. It is not enough to purchase one or two toys and keep them around, you have to provide several and rotate them constantly, so they don’t get bored easily. Also, some toys get damaged easier and faster, and they present chocking hazards, so always inspect them. You want to keep your bird healthy and happy, not put their health in danger. Keep into account your bird’s size, and always purchase items suitable for their height and beak.

Where to Find Parrot Toys

At a dedicated pet shop, you will find all sorts of parrot toys , because diversity is the key in their development. You can choose based on your bird’s type and the budget you have. If you don’t want to invest a lot from the beginning, test some toys from different categories to discover what your bird likes the most. Afterwards focus on those categories and purchase extra toys once the old ones wear down or when you want to treat your companion.

Exercise parrot toys are highly recommended, to strengthen their back, chest, legs, and wings. In this category you can find ropes, bungees, and swings. The cage should be big enough to fit a swing inside, and you can place ropes in your home, or attached to the cage, so the parrot can climb easier and mimic natural instincts.

Chewing and cuddly toys are also mandatory. Think about how much your pet chews in the wild, and they need to keep their beaks in good condition. Birds are meant to be part of large flocks, and if they are alone, they can become anxious and depressed. Cuddly parrot toys are ideal, because they allow your companion to snuggle and cuddle. You will be surprised of how much they like the toy and how they will keep it secure.
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