The Importance of Quality Bird Food

Posted June 18, 2021 by AnaBrenda

Having a pet bird implies a great responsibility. Some people might think it is easy, because the bird sits in the cage and that is it.
Having a pet bird implies a great responsibility. Some people might think it is easy, because the bird sits in the cage and that is it. This is far from the truth, because they require attention, proper diet, entertainment, and their minds have to be active. A balanced diet is a good way to start helping your pet feel more at home, which means you should always invest in quality bird food. The good news is that you can easily find great products from brands that care about animals and pack nutritious combinations. Seeds and Vetafarm pellets are often recommended, and you can easily combine the two, based on the type of bird you have.

What Bird Food Exists

With the right type of bird food , you can prevent many complications and behavior problems. An unbalanced diet is often the main cause of premature death and diseases. If you conduct some research ahead of time, this is easily preventable, because if you care about your pet, you will give it enough space inside the cage, and pamper it with good food and treats. Not all birds have the same dietary requirements, and based on the type you have, you must offer the proper kind. For example, members of the parrot family obtain their food from plants. Other birds eat grains and seeds, while others eat fruits, insects, and such.

In the wild, birds are responsible for getting food, but while they are inside, you are the one responsible for their food. Even if a bird eats mostly seeds, this does not mean that you should only provide it seeds, because packaged ones are not the same as the ones available in a natural habitat. Most of them are lower in nutrients and proteins, a reason why specialists recommend mixing food types. Not to mention that in the wild birds put a lot of energy in finding and foraging food, but inside, pet birds require fewer calories to avoid becoming overweight.

What Are Vetafarm Pellets

Many pet owners wonder about what works best for their companions. They want to rest assured that they are responsible and take good care of their friends. Some think they have to choose between seeds and Vetafarm pellets , but it is not always that easy. Pellets are the base for your pet’s diet, because they are made to be nutritional and part of a complete diet. To make sure they are the right kind, always read labels and verify the vitamins and minerals inside, fat content, to keep your bird happy and healthy. Finding quality pellets is essential, because some brands use artificial colors and ingredients that don’t offer any nutritional value.

You can always ask the veterinarian what is most recommended for your pet, because in many cases, the assortment of food needs to be combined and include both pellets and seeds. Besides, you should not overlook greens, fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains. It might seem like a lot of work, but you have to do whatever it takes to keep your companion healthy. You can always prepare foods and plan meals in bigger batches to have for more days. The good news is that some food brands have you covered and offer the perfect combination, so you simply purchase products and offer them to your pets, without having to plan and get all ingredients.

Formulated bird food is available from many manufacturers, and you can find blends of fruits vegetables, grains, protein, vitamins and minerals. The ingredients are mixed and often baked, and the shape they take are nuggets, pellets, or crumbles. Since birds are not able to choose only the seeds they like, they will benefit from a balanced meal every time. Birds have special needs, and you need to pay attention to them. For instance, cockatoos and Amazons require foods lower in fat and higher in protein. On the other hand, macaws require higher fat levels, because they have higher caloric needs.

Most species should benefit from up to 80% of pelleted food, fruits and vegetables up to 30%, and seeds and fruits should be given in between. Fruits and vitamins are great sources of vitamins and minerals and you can certainly find some around the house that you could treat your pet with. Birds are influenced by sight and decide what to eat once they taste the bird food and feel the texture. You can present the food in an interesting manner as well, by hanging it from the cage, place it around the cage with toys. Birds like to be stimulated mentally and physically, so make sure you find great ways to present food.

Converting a bird to a certain type of food is sometimes troublesome. It is so much easier to start with a young bird, but you should put all efforts to succeed in order to help them benefit from healthy bird food. Of course, there are lists with foods to avoid, such as chocolate, avocado, potato chips, sweets, fruit pits, onions, mushrooms, because these are highly dangerous and can cause even death. To make the feeding time more exciting, try putting the food in foraging toys, because birds in the wild spend a good portion of the day foraging for food, and you have to comply with this need.

Why Pellets

Vetafarm pellets are available for small and large birds, they are balanced and designed to meet all dietary needs for parrots. You can find a variety of pellets on the market, and some of them have fruit flavors, multi-colored to be accepted easier by birds, especially the ones that are more used to seeds. They have vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and calcium.

To cater a variety of birds, Vetafarm pellets are available in three different sizes, and extrusion cooked pellets are suitable for birds that need to maintain a healthy weight. Pellets are recommended for exotic parrots, such as African, South American, but also for Asiatic and Australian breeds.

Nutriblend Vetafarm pellets offer a complete diet, but in the breeding season, additional nutrition might be required.
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