Inspirational T-Shirt: How Freedom to Dress Has Undergone Significant Changes

Posted September 10, 2016 by andrewroxanne

It is a universal truth – history repeats itself. You must have seen this principle holding its place in many events and situations and fashion is no different.
It is a universal truth – history repeats itself. You must have seen this principle holding its place in many events and situations and fashion is no different. Today’s fashion is mostly inspired by past trends and erstwhile era living style. Though you are living in this 21st century yet the trends from 18th and 19th century keeps on coming back again and again. However, one enjoys lot of freedom now as compared to those eras. Online shopping has made things extremely easier; now if you want to purchase an inspirational t-shirt, you can easily buy it from your home anytime, anywhere. Also, freedom fighter t-shirt and many such apparels are on the rise, for the purpose of creating awareness.
Once upon a time, women didn’t have the freedom to wear what they like or feel comfortable in, just because of the societal norms and pressure. They used to feel restrained and limited. Though they didn’t like wearing high heels with long gowns yet they had to always, thanks to the society of course! However, now things are better. If a girl feels like wearing cool tshirts, a comfortable pair of jeans and sneakers to work, she can easily do that without meeting prying eyes of the society. Many women prefer wearing informal clothes to work for the need of being comfortable while working, because of several reasons. In the workplace, men and women have to run here and there on errands; hence they need to feel light and comfortable. In a formal suit, both men and women can’t relax properly or work properly because this kind of clothing is somewhat claustrophobic.
People chose attires for myriad reasons, including comfort, status, protection, creativity, personal taste and preferences. And while choosing dresses the best thing is that you don’t have to answer anyone. But once upon a time this was not the case. During the Victorian age, women used to wear long gowns, where the gowns used to reach their ankles. Now, if by any chance the gown stops a little above, people would pass you as a promiscuous woman or woman from not-so-decent background. In today’s world, this may sound absurd and out of the world but for them it was a hard-core reality. From there to here, the change is huge, both mentally and physically. Now, without even stepping your feet out, you can purchase an inspirational t-shirt for your loved ones, thanks to the power of the internet. You can scroll through a wide array of goodwill t-shirts too, if you find them trendy and powerful to promote a cause you support.
Things have been made simple, yet there still exists people who look down upon women who wears revealing outfit. Cases of rapes are reported every day; however the paradox is that the majority of the women who are raped were not wearing revealing outfits.
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