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Select New players can be divided into several; To the New Hunde Hao, must burst liver leveling! Keep a large force, you will definitely cup! Specific reasons, I said slowly.
Select New players can be divided into several

1, the new candidate for the new district, try the game

2, the elderly turn District, select a new start and new opportunities

3, studios and locust Association ...

Keke, the latter two no comments ... me say choose New new players pay attention to what it.

Sao years are prepared to burst liver leveling it !!!!!

To the New Hunde Hao, must burst liver leveling! Keep a large force, you will definitely cup! Specific reasons, I said slowly.

As already mentioned in several of the players to gain experience of the upgrade. In the old, since you've left behind, you practice slowly does not matter. But in the new area, you have to keep up with the large force! Because there is a limited number of copies, the copy on the team 5 times a day, you are 40, a large force is 50, and no one would want to be with you play 40 copies !

I simply say how the couple went to New leveling it and aura kingdom gold.

1, buy VIP. 10RMB, must buy, otherwise you will find that your card is always very sad task level ...

2, conditions can buy the mall experience plus growth originated suit, but it is generally guild or studio would buy it because they want to sell the first batch of leveling up the props and equipment to make money.

3, only the main quest! Hidden tasks and some of the more troublesome branch not decisive, since you can go back later to do.

4, low-level copy not to brush the team mode! This is very important. Put the team mode five times a day to stay in a little painted high level, measured before the second measuring 3 on some silly in more than 20 players on the team to brush Whitehead level copy, the results we got to 40 and found no frequency of brush mined The result of a sudden a lot less experience ...

5 day mission to kanban prestige is based on the player's level of experience to give, and remain in the final to do every day, when the lower level do very little experience.

6, even if the fishing ... leveling when no effort to go and get good gear, do not catch fish king, the king of fish after this experience hundreds of books to talk about it ...

7, set a fixed team. Fixed team have intimacy addition, experience plus very substantial.

Simply put, that is set a fixed team, with the main line, only brush Advanced present.

The next step is we are most concerned about the problem, how to make money New!

Many people choose New business opportunities because many New! Me 11 years, novice note read, do not give the pit.

1, the source of God crystals (small), hit the other silly feed source God! This is the key to God as source material, certainly a lot of people just getting clothes pumping source God, God requires a large amount of source crystals (small)! Take Sell ​​it ~

2,40 level map miracle mine, there will be a golden chance Daguai falling material! This material is used to make 45 gold weapons, the main task will send a 45 golden arms of drawings produced! This is the first of many players pot of gold at the source! Usually everyone who got here on a few G, this material can sell 3G! Early a 20-cell pack (50RMB) will sell a few G.

3.50 level before the drawings are not hit with ... see people selling silly not to buy.

4.50 level and below the box out of the golden Daguai equipment is useless ... do not insensibly buy, do not silly to sell them ...

5.50 level before hanging fish are losing money rose to 50 after ... you go fishing Xingsha Mode to hang it, this is the main source of the game's pre-G! Society as long as those with the studio to the 50, G Price It will begin to crash! If you have got G, preferably in the early 20 cell pack into such a hard currency.

6, starting from mined (45), Wang has a chance to drop 50 orange suits drawings, this is very valuable! Mainly suit drawing, not jewelry accessories drawing drawing ...therefore worthless to burst liver leveling, you slow day to 50 on burned up.

7, starting from mined (45), a copy of the fall begins valuable jewelry, and some jewelry still popular particularly good! Such as turtle out of the tunnel Frostsaber crystal, this is the best DPS jewelry.

8, rose to 50, which means you can brush five times in the tunnel (48) single, five tunnel hell, 5 Mars (50) single, five times a day Ares hell! A total of 20 copies various materials can make money drawing equipment falling! So Play Area must burst liver leveling ...

9. war shrine (50), ghosts hole (52), sand temple (54) produces a variety of good stuff, including 55 golden cloak Binds ring necklace is the most valuable. There are also two jewelry I must mention that Guiku hole produced 60 booty town soul stone and claws, 60 Need for booty, especially paw DPS to staff two of! Very valuable! So to the rank of brush ghosts are more good choice.

10, 56 level can brush outsider rabbit brush sea ... this is the place to strengthen the ticket, I do not recommend new to brush ...

11,57 level Whitehead copies can brush outsider, here produced 60 drawings and 65 orange suit !!!! golden arms to fight face time, as long as you keep up with large forces, it has not saturated the equipment, a cargo You can immediately fortune.

12, 59 level can brush outsider shimmer Fam, in fact, easier than this copy outsider Whitehead ... this is funny to me, the outsider is actually 57 copies Whitehead, the difficulty so much ... outsider also a glimmer Fam 60 drawings and 65 orange suit golden weapons.

13, 60 can participate Sky Tower Raiders. Be sure to keep up with the level of burst liver, find a good guild participate in the first week of the first CD of the Sky Tower, which directly determines your future position in the Association. Orange Sky Tower Drop 60 drawings and 65 golden arms weapons skills as well as esoteric books, all kinds of price ... This is a face of the fight game, the landlord first CD Sky Tower Drop esoteric skill book directly sell 150G. Then there is the legendary too knife - Compass, currently only one origin, it has been a Tyrant income arms, the selling price is unknown, is said to be price ...

The following content is PVP and guild related.

If you want to make PVP, to once every 40 to participate in a battlefield! Upper right corner there is a PVP icon, you can see the battlefield open opening hours. Battlefield competing for the first CD can be said to be the most intense, and because the equipment is not formed, it will not appear +20 Tyrant strengthen child you come ...

When the settlement, career ranked first title will be the king, the whole property + 3%! The first two are 2%, the first three is 1%. Continue to the next CD settlement.

In addition, the main city there is a sports club daily tasks, you can get the glory of the coin, and the glory of the coin you can find NPC exchange PVP equipment! That is the reason why every game you participate in PVP battlefield. Whoever had enough coins to swap out a PVP equipment, who can crush the battlefield! PVP suit is for the players, the other by injury hit you, you hit the other post-no additional damage ... do not touch PVP loaded up.

So I again emphasize that the new people settled in New prepare it ... not explosive burst liver liver would abuse ...

About newcomers settled in the new area, select the Association of problem, do not select those ... typical locust guild fought over from the old, and today they can from the old fought District, tomorrow they could fought XXXXOL from Aura Kingdom ... the rest is those who abandoned. Recently here on many of these old people a cup, only to take refuge in other associations.

Another point, the issue of the first CD of the Sky Tower. If the Association does not intend to organize the first CD of the Sky Tower, the best breakfast or quit it ... first CD Sky Tower can be scattered N guild card, you believe it or not, I believed anyway ... sky tower a copy of the strongest games, even the Sky Tower are organized not up the Association, it is unable to retain the player.

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