Junk Car: What Happens To My Car Once I Junk It?

Posted August 2, 2021 by anytimecash4cars

Regardless of how expensive and polished your vehicle is, the moment you seal the deal, its worth starts to depreciate.
31st July’21, Sydney, Australia: Regardless of how expensive and polished your vehicle is, the moment you seal the deal, its worth starts to depreciate. And, when you drive away the beautiful vehicle to your property, it has already declined by 10 percent. As fascinating as it sounds, there will be a day when you need to scrap the car, which was once beautiful and new. Now, as a car owner, make sure that you extract the most from the old vehicle. You must have used it to its optimum worth. Once you are done, the car wrecking company would finish the vehicle’s job. Doesn’t this sound like the circle of life? Junk Cars: What Happens to My Car Once I Junk it? This might be an eventual question in everybody’s mind. And, we are here to answer it!

Let’s Get Started:

Getting Rid Of The Fluids

First things first, the fluids in your old vehicle need to be managed. This would be the very first step the junk car removal company takes. Why? Fluids in an old vehicle can be extremely dangerous. There will be a dozen types of fluids in your old car. For example, you have engine coolants, gasoline, hydraulics, engine oil, anti-freeze and even leftover transmission fluids. Each of these components needs to be handled with utmost care. Else, the risks of starting a fire or affecting ground water increases. At Anytime Cash for Cars, a state of art technology is used to handle all fluids. They make sure that the fluid is carefully treated. Also, they dispose of the fluid in accordance with the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities of Sydney. At any cost, it is important for the company to ensure that the environment does not get contaminated because of their processes.

The Reclaimed Components

Once the fluids are neatly disposed of, the car wreckers will look into the reclaimable parts. Regardless of how bad the vehicle appears, it will have components that can be reused. These components can be removed from the vehicle, before it goes into the crusher. Some of the most common collected components from old, scrap vehicles would be the doors, hoods, bumpers, alternator, brain box and even the batteries. These parts can be easily reconditioned, and used in another vehicle. You will be fascinated to hear that Anytime Cash for Cars has one of Sydney’s biggest inventories of spare parts. Some of these parts come with partial warranties too. After the removal of the reclaimable parts, the remaining pieces of the vehicle will be ready for the crusher.

Crushing Your Vehicle!

Now, comes the part where your vehicle gets crushed. At the crusher, the old vehicle will be completely flattened. There is special equipment to crush big cars. Once the car comes out of the crusher, it will be completely flat. The flattened vehicle will then be sent into a shredder. Just like a paper shredder, the metal pieces will be shredded into tiny bits and pieces.

The Sorting

Finally, the materials and metals from the crusher will be sorted. This takes lots of patience and care. Why? So many different types of metals can be extracted from an old vehicle. And, the steel from your old vehicle plays an important role. Anytime Cash for Cars uses a magnetic crane to carefully segregate steel. They ensure that steel is separated from the other materials like aluminum. Similar metals are always put together, processed and then recycled. These metals can be reused in building newer cars, and other equipment. In fact, reusing these metals can save a lot of oil!

About The Company

Anytime Cash for Cars is a brand that specialises in same day car removal services. The company has years of experience in removing old, junk, scrap and unwanted vehicles. They also have ample experience in disposing of old vehicles in a sustainable manner. The company adheres to strict principles, and every step executed by the brand is neatly documented. This is why Anytime Cash for Cars is a pioneer in paying top cash for junk, scrap and unwanted cars as well as seamless same day car removal services.

Website: https://anytimecashforcars.com.au/car-removal/
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