Simple, Essential, Safety Upgrade for Deployed Military Units: Drone, IED, and e-risk Signal Jammers

Posted April 12, 2022 by associate14

Deployed military units can be covered and protected with portable jammers carried by some soldiers that are arranged in protective formation. First and last in column, and similar, to ensure safe formation movement.
Taiwan, Taipei., April 12, 2022 - Modern warfare is getting more sophisticated everyday, in terms of using technology for different purposes. Easy access to technology makes anybody, potentially dangerous, with serious capacity to compromise and endanger military units without even being exposed to action.

Surveillance gadgets, drones, RC vehicles, cell phones, remote controls can all be weaponized and used against deployed units. Emerging threats of bio-weapons that can be dispersed from drones makes drones a magnitude of danger never seen before. Equipping soldiers with reliable jammers increases safety from e-risk, with negligible mission cost increase, and safety is priceless.

It is crucial to make sure to minimize e-risks with signal jammers to avoid dangerous surprises. Deployed military units can be covered and protected with portable jammers carried by some soldiers that are arranged in protective formation. First and last in column, and similar, to ensure safe formation movement.

For example: military units should be equipped with portable models like DuoShadow CT-1021D , carried by some soldiers in formation to minimize threats posed by mobile and different remote frequency operated devices. Surrounding and infiltrating objects is far more risky without jamming signals and freezing communications first.

With double all mobile cell phone bands, 21 Antenna, 21W power DuoShadow CT-1021D is the best multi-functional handheld portable jammer for that purpose because of the great frequency coverage: 5G, 4G, 3G, GPS Glonass Lojack trackers locators, Bluetooth, Wireless WLAN WIFI 2.4Ghz 5GHz, RC 868 433 315Mhz UHF etc.
Jamming range is up to 30m. It can be used as a Jammer for Drones UAVs Quadcopters up to 100m. The distance always varied depending on the signal strength and location.

For more range, 90W model Silencer CT-2010HB-5G is more powerful Portable suitcase 10 Bands, for Mobile phones 3G 4G 5G Mobile WIFI 5Ghz GPS Jammer up to 100m.It can also be used for Drones and UAVs up to 1000m

While the military unit is covered by jammers, all potential signals coming from the soldiers are also jammed and the enemy will be unable to potentially uncover or harm the operation by detecting the mobile communication. If GPRS is also jammed, it would be impossible to use mobile phones location via GPRS or triangulation. For advanced protection from spy drones and similar technologies, they have developed specialized devices like CT-4001PH Anti Drone UAV Jammer that covers up to 1200m.

Simple weapon against drones, portable directional handheld drone and UAV jammer that is designed to be compact for easy carrying and military terrain use. It is fully autonomous with a built-in directional antenna and battery for 80min operation. CT-4001PH is easy to handle in use, since only handheld antennas are directed towards the threat, thus the soldier is not under heavy weight of the whole device. Split design, separate light weight, hand-held antennas make it more ergonomic, precise and practical in use. It is best suited for military special operations teams, police, and security forces that are deployed in different situations or public events.

New HOME option on drone Jammer CT-4001PH is an implementation that greatly improves functionality and safety of operators as well as potential targets. When the drone is spotted and jammed, it will hoover for some time, and proceed to slow landing. That action can cause a dangerous situation if the drone carries explosives, bio-weapons or similar. By activating the HOME option, the drone will get immediate internal command to go back to the take-off site and land there. This will give a visual trace and possible drone operator capture while the dangerous load is out of protected area.

Larger, motorized formations require devices with more power and range. Convoys are often targeted by different (often improvised) remote activated devices that can be disabled by jammers and provide temporary safe passage for vehicles. Perfect companion for convoy protection would be CT-6010DDS full spectrum device with coverage radius of 1000m. CT-6010DDS DDS Jammer is a wide-band portable jamming system for Convoy Zone protection, VIP protection, Military security forces, anti-terror units, border control units, checkpoint personnel, and those types of law enforcement personnel who benefit greatly from deployment of any of these best-in-class portable RF jamming solutions.

Combination of drone jammers and a few multi-purpose jammers, for every deployed unit, is a great asset in combat and safety at all times.

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Jammers devices are used today in many different scenarios and to find the best fit for the needs, a whole spectrum of jammers for every possible application. However, there are so many different wireless technologies that are in use, and can help to accomplish the goal with the best combinations of bands to suit needs. Any frequency combination and customization are possible just send an inquiry and get the suitable recommendation.

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