Benefits for ATYUM COIN (ATY) holders

Posted June 30, 2022 by atyumtoken

Here’s how ATYUM coin will benefit its holders and ATYUM project investors.
ATYUM coin will be created and launched as the native digital token for the ATYUM marketplace. Here’s how ATYUM coin will benefit its holders and ATYUM project investors.

What is ATYUM Coin?

ATYUM coin ( ) is an ERC20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be used as the native token for the ATYUM marketplace and will be the primary medium for all types of payments, transactions and fees within the ecosystem. For safe storage, management and transaction of ATYUM coins, the team will also build Atyum wallets with support to a number of top digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

ATYUM coins can be used for a range of purposes and will have numerous benefits for the holders, some of which we will discuss here today.

Benefits of Atyum Coin

The ATYUM Coin will have the following benefits and uses:

1. Payment of Fees

Holders will be able to use Atyum coins to pay any and all types of fees within the Atyum platforms. These include exchange fees, market fees, and withdrawal fees, among others.

The use of the native token for the payment of fees on Atyum will ensure secure and transparent transactions.

2. Hold ATY to earn rewards

Atyum is an independent network with its own private blockchain. It requires the network nodes to verify and validate transactions in order to keep the network running. Nodes (wallets) in the Atyum network are rewarded with new tokens for every successful validation of translation.

By holding Atyum coins in your wallet, you will increase your chances of validating transactions and can earn more rewards. In fact, the project will assign NFTs to these wallets that hold the minimum amounts of Atyum coins.

3. Get discounts on every payment using ATY

Wondering why use Atyum coin when there are other options available? Not only are the payments using ATYUM coins highly secure and fast but also users get special discounts for every transaction made using the native token.

For the first year, all ATY holders will receive a flat 40% discount on all payments of fees made using ATYUM coin. The discount for the 2nd year is 20%, and so on.

4. Buyback and burn

Every quarter, the team will use 20% of the platform’s profits to buy back ATY (from the active supply) and burn them, which will help reduce the coin supply and boost its market value and profits of the holders.

Buyback and burn will continue until the total supply of ATY is reduced to 50% of its max supply (500MM).

5. Staking for rewards

ATY holders can further participate in DEX staking, which will enable them to earn more rewards by staking their coins in the contract.


ATYUM is a next-gen digital asset marketplace that will give access to many next generation tokens, as it will enable businesses to use tokenization in real-life cases. The platform with the ATYUM Security Token (AST) is now live and you can purchase the security token at an exclusive price before the sale ends on 31st August.
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