Stainless Steel Silo Manufacturers Perfect Contamination Free Storage For A Diverse Market

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The UK has been at the forefront in of design, manufacturing, maintenance, and installation of industrial bulk storage solutions.
Stainless Steel Silo Manufacturers Perfect Contamination Free Storage For A Diverse Market
The UK has been at the forefront in of design, manufacturing, maintenance, and installation of industrial bulk storage solutions. Being specialists in the field of aluminum and stainless steel technical silos and pressure vessels for a range of industries globally UK based manufacturers have several international installations.
An assortment of materials can be used for the silo manufacturing process, such as concrete, coated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic (GRP), depending on its end-use. Stainless steel and aluminum is a good choice of material for bulk storage of plastic, food, and pharmaceutical industry.
Because it is strong, lightweight, maintenance-free, and self-supporting the use of aluminum in the production process has many advantages. Its oxide layer has built-in anticontamination qualities. It is easy to weld and because of the oxide layer, it has built-in anticontamination qualities, making further treatment unnecessary.
Silos are manufactured for diversified customers, and each industry has its requirements and specifications. Focusing on the plastic industry which includes packaging, recycling, and injection molding, Recycling plastic has become an enormous industry, and the demand for homogenous raw material forced innovation into more industry-specific designs. Bespoke solutions are offered. Blending cones have been developed as well as anti-honking storage methods for PET.
When filling the silo with plastic pellets from the top, it forms a cone. This requires free space to be left at the top, also referred to as ullage or headspace. This will determine the successful outflow of the product down below. By selecting the correct outflow angle, minimum interference be necessary to ensure the required free flow.
Blending pellets that are stored in different sections of a silo, brought new innovative ideas to the forefront in the UK, which has attracted global interest. By recycling pellets into other plastic products, a nozzle with uniquely shaped blades, collect material from different areas in the silo and blends them without additional interference from another outside mechanism. These innovations have been exported to Korea. This new development is referred to as a blending silo and incorporates a mixing capability into the existing silo system.
Many innovations have led to customizing bulk storage for the baking industry by taking into consideration what and how products are stored. Height and circumference play a deciding role when designing or purchasing a silo, to determine its volume capacity, but also how the vessel is filled and how the stock is retrieved, will affect the nett volume stored. A silo capacity calculator will also assist in the storage calculation.
A vital part of running a successful business is to keep a keen eye on stock control. If the stock is tucked away from sight inside an enormous stainless steel silo, an electronic telemetry system that can be operated remotely is installed. This will monitor the content of the silo continuously.
Transportation is part of the manufacturer’s service delivery and they will transport the silo to its final destination over a weekend to cause minimum disruption in the workplace. Site visits before installation will be done to ascertain the exact installation location and all the logistics surrounding the operation (including accessibility, traffic, other hazards, and movement of personnel on the premises), to ensure safety for everyone involved. Clear site plans will map out the operation and safety teams from the manufacturer and the customer will liaise with all the powers that be, to ensure the operation is carried out with minimum risk.
It should be standard procedure for manufacturing companies to have a CE Mark Certificate, a Safe Contractor Certificate, as well as be ATEX compliant. The UK is the market leader globally, in manufacturing high-quality bulk storage solutions for a diverse market, from different materials.

About Us
Barton, a global company based in the UK was established in 1981. They design, manufacture, and install aluminum and stainless steel storage silos around the world. More than 1 000 silos as far afield as Saudi Arabia, Korea, Thailand, Spain, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, and Hungary have been installed. Contamination-free storage is guaranteed to customers, which includes food manufacturers, recycling plants, packaging and film industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.
With regard to the chemical and industrial industry with explosive atmospheres present, Barton is ATEX certified (Directive 94/9/EC - ATEX 100) as required by legislation implemented in 2003.
Being compliant with all the relevant legislation about designing, manufacturing, installation, and refurbishing of silos (stainless steel or aluminum), makes Barton the company of choice when searching for bulk storage solutions globally.
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