Creative BioMart Microbe Enables Agricultural Microbiome Analysis with a Wide Range of Services

Posted March 31, 2022 by beauty33

Creative BioMart Microbe, a sub-brand of Creative BioMart, that offers microbiological services and products to multi-industry customers
Creative BioMart Microbe, a sub-brand of Creative BioMart, that offers microbiological services and products to multi-industry customers, now enables agricultural microbiome analysis with a wide range of services for scientists in the agricultural and botany fields.

Plant microbial communities mainly include rhizosphere microbial community, phyllosphere microbial community and plant endophyte microbial community. In addition, soil microbial communities are closely related to and have important functions in agroecosystems.

Creative BioMart Microbe, supported by years of experience and state-of-the-art facilities, established a professional and complete microbiome analysis platform, providing scientists with high quality microbiome analysis services.

At present, analytical services at Creative BioMart Microbe mainly include:
Rhizosphere Microbial Community Analysis
The rhizosphere microbial community is the most important part of the plant microbial community. It is a key regulator of plant growth and the focus of plant microbiome research.
Phyllosphere Microbial Community Analysis
Phyllosphere microbial community analysis service can help customers reveal the response mechanism between plants and environmental factors.
Plant Endophytes Microbial Community Analysis
The company’s metagenomics, proteomics and metabolomics technologies can all reveal the diversity of endophytes.
Soil Microbial Community Analysis
Analysis service of soil microbial community is helpful to the study of the interaction mechanism between plants and soil microbiome.

Comprehensive High-throughput Analytic Platforms
Competitive Prices
Experienced Technical Team
Short Service Cycle
Urgent Services Available
24/7 Online Service

Moreover, Creative BioMart Microbe provides several agricultural microbiology services to help its customers better study crops and tap the potential of microorganisms in agriculture, including agricultural pathogen detection service, and microbial biological control agents development service.

“Pursuing higher quality, effective and faster microbiological services, Creative BioMart Microbe ensure shorter service cycles and higher cost-effectiveness.” commented Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart Microbe.

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