What Can A Divorce Lawyer Do For You? How Do I Find The Right Divorce Lawyer?

Posted June 1, 2021 by benjaminmelmerlaw

Divorce lawyers for men or women in Miami are tasked with getting you to understand the legal processes surrounding divorce. If you haven’t been through a divorce before, you may have a hard time understanding the legal system.
Going through a divorce is hard enough as it is, which is why choosing the right divorce lawyer is so crucial. Finding the right divorce law firm can be the key to a faster, less stressful divorce rather than a drawn-out and emotionally exhausting one.

This post will detail what the best divorce lawyers can do for you, as well as some things you should keep in mind when trying to find the right one.

A Divorce Lawyer’s Responsibilities

All divorce law firms in Miami should begin the process with a consultation. During this initial meeting, the lawyer will ask questions about the details of your case and walk you through the divorce process.

Divorce lawyers for men or women in Miami are tasked with getting you to understand the legal processes surrounding divorce. If you haven’t been through a divorce before, you may have a hard time understanding the legal system.

During this meeting, you can tell your divorce lawyer whether you want them to take charge, or if you want to work alongside them throughout the process. Depending on the nature of your case, your lawyer will recommend the best strategy for you.

Divorce law firms have expertise in all matters of divorce including:

Child custody and child support: Courts will determine what the best arrangement for your child would be after the divorce, as well as if child support must be paid. It is important to work closely with your lawyer in this area, especially during any mediations or meetings with your spouse.

Alimony: Your divorce lawyer will be tasked with looking into your financial records in the case that you feel your spouse is asking for too much in alimony.

Marital property: Some states, like Florida, are equitable distribution states. This means the court will distribute all marital property (personal possessions, physical property, income, and debts) equally. The court may distribute property unequally if your divorce law firm in Miami can justify it.

Giving your divorce law firm the full history of your marriage will allow them to make better decisions and arguments on your behalf. Divorce lawyers for men and women in Miami should always establish a strong line of communication with their clients.

Now that you have an understanding of what the best divorce lawyers can do for you, you must know how to find the right one for a successful case.

Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for the Right Divorce Lawyer

An already exhausting process shouldn’t be made worse by an unhelpful lawyer. Use these tips as a checklist to help you choose the right one.

1. Stay focused on your goal

While the ultimate goal is to get divorced, there may be plenty of other factors to consider. If child custody or child support is an important part of the divorce for you, choose a divorce law firm in Miami that has plenty of experience with these cases.

If you are more concerned about finances or property, choosing a divorce lawyer that is skilled in finance can make the process much easier for you.

2. Know what kind of process you need

While most divorce lawyers don’t specialize in a specific type of divorce, some may have more experience in certain areas than others. Before hiring a lawyer, know what kind of process you need.

Three of the most common divorce processes are mediation, litigation, and collaborative divorce. If you and your spouse agree on wanting an amicable divorce, mediation and collaborative divorce might be the best route to take.

If you expect many aspects of the divorce to be contested by your spouse and their lawyer, choose a divorce law firm that specializes in litigation.

3. Keep in mind what you can afford

Just because divorces are emotionally draining doesn’t mean they have to drain your bank account, too. When determining how much you can afford to pay a divorce lawyer, weigh the cost against the level of services you need.

When you have a lot of things to lose, hiring a reputable lawyer should be considered an investment. If you choose to go with a cheap, unreputable divorce lawyer, your finances may suffer in the future as a result.

4. Don’t settle

In many cases, people are quick to hire a lawyer because they want the divorce process to be over with as soon as possible. If you haven’t done your research and hired the first lawyer you found, it may come back to bite you.

While it may be exhausting to tell the story of your marriage and separation over and over, it is important to interview more than one lawyer before making a decision.

Interviewing lawyers before hiring them will allow you to get a feel for their expertise and past experiences. If a lawyer doesn’t seem to have handled a case similar to yours in the past, it may be worthwhile to move on.

During an interview, the best divorce lawyers will explain how they would handle your case. If you are on the same page as the lawyer, they should be a good fit for you.

Benjamin & Melmer, LLC.

In such a large city like Miami, it may be hard for you to find the right divorce lawyer for your case. With the expertise of a large law firm in a more personal setting, Benjamin & Melmer have successfully handled many types of cases in Miami.

David L. Benjamin, Esq. and Mark P. Melmer, Esq. understand that providing passionate advocacy is crucial as divorce lawyers for men and women in Miami. After serving as prosecutors in Miami-Dade County, Benjamin & Melmer understand both the criminal and civil court system of South Florida.

Whether you are needing counsel in an uncontested dissolution of marriage or representation in contentious litigation with your spouse, Benjamin & Melmer are here to help you.

If you are going through a divorce, it is important to have somebody on your side. Divorces can leave us feeling desperate and alone, but hiring the right divorce lawyer can help.

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