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Best New Year Gift:rs 2007 gold with Up to 50% off on for you
Redbeard Frank is the only one who knows the location of pirate treasure, but he’ll only hand over the information for a bottle of Karamja rum. runescape 3 gold

Items Required

- Karamja Rum (can be obtained during the quest)

- White Apron (can be obtained during the quest)

- 60 Gold Coins

- 10 Bananas (can be obtained during the quest)

- Spade (can be obtained during the quest)

Recommended Items

- Teleport to Varrock

- Teleport to Falador

- Ring of Charos (a) (Free ship travel to Karamja)

Combat Requirements

Enough combat level to defeat a level 4 NPC.

To start this quest, talk to Redbeard Frank who is located on the northernmost dock in Port Sarim. He will want you to get him some Karamja rum before disclosing the location of the treasure.

If you’ve completed the quest ‘Rum Deal’, your character will ask Redbeard if Braindead rum will work.

Now, you have to head to Karamja. Walk south of the docks and talk to anyone of the three sailors to board to the ship for 30 OSRS gold coins, or you can use your Ring of Charos (a) to travel for free. Once you reach your destination, keep heading west and into the pub.

Once you’ve reached, trade the NPC named Zambo the bartender and buy a Karamja rum for 30 gold coins.

If you try to leave the island with rum in your inventory, the officers will take it away, as Asgarnia has banned the import of intoxicating spirits.

Also, you can’t teleport out of the island. If you do so, the bottle will break.

Quest Rewards

· 2 Quest points Quest points

· Ability to use the pay-fare option to and from Karamja.

· Access to One-Eyed Hector's Treasure Chest (contains a gold ring, an emerald, and 450 coins).

Important Information

· When using the Casket received as a reward for completing the quest on Redbeard Frank, the player's character offers to share the treasure with him, but he refuses and insists that the player should keep all of it for their own as they have earned it.

· When the quest was first released, the Karamja rum was tradeable and the bottles would not break if players tried to teleport. Some players simply bought a whole load of rum and sold it to players doing the quest, allowing them to skip a large part of it. When this was posted on fan forums, a Jagex developer saw it and the problem was soon corrected.

· If you have completed Rum Deal before starting this quest, you will ask Redbeard Frank if "Braindead Rum" will do. This is a reference to the rum you brewed during that quest.

· If you give Redbeard Frank some Karamja rum with a sliced banana in it, he will take it at first but will give it back when talked to again, stating that he doesn't like bananas in his rum.
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