Fast Way to Gain cheap wow classic gold with Up to $10 off for WOW Marksman Hunter

Posted January 23, 2021 by biggamefan

Fast Way to Gain cheap wow classic gold with Up to $10 off for WOW Marksman Hunter
In this guide, we talk about some of the strongest specs what is look at the best, what is looking like the meta in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.0.3. Usually, we tell you to play what you like, but today finally we are going to dive into some of your questions and suggestions and talk about what are the strongest DPS classes for the current WoW Shadowlands raid so far. If you are looking for classic wow gold for building up your characters, don’t forget to check out our offer.

WOW Shadowlands Best DPS Classes

Top 5 World of Warcraft Shadowlands Best DPS Classes For Raid

Now what we've been by popular specs we are not talking about the classes or specs that everybody is playing because everybody might have started with, let's say a safe class like a warrior, demon hunter, mage maybe even a priest. But a lot of us are probably going to be rerolling to other things that are just looking more interesting, so the specs we want to cover are the ones that are just all of a sudden on everyone's lips,

Top 1 Strong DPS Class - Balance Druid

The first spec and class on this list are going to be very impressive as the DPS has been the balanced druid. Boomkins overall are looking solid, in terms of people picking them up and playing. Boomies have been a very strong spec looking forward to in the Alpha in the Beta, and while going through a controversial change of gaining the eclipse system back in a weird way.

Top 2 Strong DPS Class - Unholy Death Knight

Of course, we have to talk about a melee because you know this rule in raids, usually the ranged dominate the scene, however, melee do have a place in the shadowlands expansion and the first melee that a lot of people are looking at is unholy death knight. It seems everybody that's waiting has one or two or maybe 40 of these if you are going to be doing any kind of competitive raiding, and unholy death knights are so far looking like a really solid melee with extremely strong pets and damage that also got nerfed a couple of times like boomies. But still even though through all those nerfs, it's not enough to hold them down.

Top 3 Strong DPS Class - Affliction Warlock

Another caster on this list that we really got address is affliction warlocks. After getting a change from Battle for Azeroth into the Shadowlands expansion, affliction warlocks have found a bit more of a niche. They still can dump great damage into bosses, but now they have a little bit more control over the dots and play with it. They can do a lot more cleave play style, a little bit more control,

Top 4 Strong DPS Class - Marksman Hunter

Another range we'll have to have on this list is hunters and already we knew that hunters were going to be a massive help inside of raids. Hunters whether beast mastery or marksmanship usually can do mechanics fairly well, they generally have good mobility, immunity, traps, and CC that they can use on demand. But mostly comes down to the damage output of this class, that's like it isn't a true caster.

Top 5 Strong DPS Class - Windwalker Monk

Finally, we have to put another melee that's looking like an up-and-comer which is the wind walker monk. Probably not a lot of you expected this, but Windwalker monk's actually looking solid all of a sudden, and there are a couple of different reasons for it. Monks right now actually have good throughput, in terms of just the raw damage they can put out.
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