Meaningful Gift for wow Patch 1.13.7:Free 15000 classic wow gold cheap for All wow Fans

Posted January 30, 2021 by biggamefan

Meaningful Gift for wow Patch 1.13.7:Free 15000 classic wow gold cheap for All wow Fans
I can't guarantee that you'll never ever again run into cases where Guardian Spirit went on cooldown and the tank still died... but it'll be literally 40x rarer than before, and the whole game will feel more responsive too. wow classic gold for sale

So that means there actually was a 400 ms batch window from Vanilla WoW in 2004 up to Warlords of Draenor in 2014, an entire 10 years before the spell batching window was adjusted on live servers! Why is this important to bring up? Well it begs the question, thousands of players have been asking for Blizzard to make the change before The Burning Crusade comes out (which many people think is coming soon).

But this is a significant change from how Burning Crusade actually was. Why did people not want Vanilla WoW touched for Classic, but are cheering for the change in The Burning Crusade? Or even a more interesting question... How will people feel about this change if Classic F R E S H happens?

Unrelated to this topic, but still a worthwhile point to bring up, the naming system for the Classic WoW Patches have coincided with the Phase releases. 1.13.1 was CLassic Launch (Phase 1), 1.13.2 was Classic Phase 2, 1.13.3 was Phase 3 and so on, all the way up until right now, 1.13.6 with Phase 6. This new PTR Patch is named 1.13.7. Is that a Phase 7? Could that mean Classic Plus? Or just a Pre-Patch for TBC ?

How The Spell Batching Change Impacts Classic

Regardless of what's happening in the future, whether it be Classic F R E S H, TBC, or even Classic Plus, let's talk about how this change will impact the entirety of the game. When Blizzard originally announced Spell Batching as a feature in Classic WoW, many people supported the change, but in hindsight, most of those players didn't fully understand the impact this change would have on the game. Now that the change is on PTR, players are seeing how much Spell Batching impacted the game.

This is without a doubt the most noticeable and significant change that impacts every single player, even as a level 1 in your starting zone. The entire game gets a massive face lift and general day-to-day activity feels so much better. Buying Noggenfogger Elixir, moving Iron Grenade out of the mailbox, or even vendoring all your Giant Clam Meat after a hard day's work of picking Blue Pearl, you will see and feel the difference!

Taunt applies IMMEDIATELY. Not 0.01 seconds after, not after a player gets hit by the mob, instantly. Of course I'm being slightly hyperbolic, nothing happens instantly, but it definitely feels like it compared to 400 milliseconds!

General Player versus Player Changes

This one is the most obvious, as Blizzard basically advertised the idea of Spell batching with examples such as two Mages casting Polymorph on one another at the "same time" and various examples of interactions like that. Well, that's no longer the case and in most scenarios, it boils down to a really basic principle. What player pressed the button first, gets the ability off. Of course, if both players press the button at the same time, well then internet latency takes over and is the final decider.

What Isn't Changing

Groups of players will still be able to pick a Songflower for the Songflower Serenade buff together, without issue. As long as the group is spamming interact with the flower before it becomes available for picking, each player should get the buff just as they do now with spell batching enabled.
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