Trustworthy Store Share Up to 8% off runescape gold for RS Soul Wars and Minigames Changes

Posted January 25, 2021 by biggamefan

Trustworthy Store Share Up to 8% off runescape gold for RS Soul Wars and Minigames Changes
More updates for Soul Wars! These include the exciting new Clan vs Clan mode - are you ready to accept the challenge?

What is Soul Wars Osrs?

Soul Wars is a members-only team minigame, a remake of the original Soul Wars released in RuneScape on 10 February 2009. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul Obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other's Avatars through combat

Soul Wars Changes

Grouping for the Soul Wars minigame has been rebalanced. Right now players can choose their teams, which sometimes means that one team is much stronger.

- The blue waiting area has been changed into the Soul Wars waiting area (which now has a white barrier).
- All players looking to join a game are put in this same waiting area.
- When a game starts, players are automatically assigned a team.
- Combat level is used to keep the two teams approximately even.
- The unnecessary green portal is removed.

Clan Vs Clan

The red waiting area has been reworked into a clan waiting area (and now has a snazzy purple border). This area can be used on any world, but the player must still meet the Soul Wars requirements (total level, Combat level, tutorial completion and membership).

Within the waiting area, clan members can challenge each other to Soul Wars games. Only clan members ranked Captain and above can issue and accept a challenge. Challenges can't be issued to members of the same clan. Once issued, the challenge will show up in the Chat Box and players must click to accept.

Upon accepting a challenge, players see a confirmation screen. Once both hit accept, the game begins! If either player closes the screen, the challenge is cancelled.

Once underway, folk in the waiting area who are part of the two challenging clans will be pulled into the game. One clan is assigned the red team and the other the blue team. From this point, the game mostly progresses as normal. However, actions in a clan game don't contribute to statistics on the lobby scoreboard. Zeal is given for clan games, but only at a 1/3 of the usual rate.

Leaving a clan game does not apply a leaver's penalty like normal games. Players with a leaver's penalty can still join clan games.

Other Changes

- You will now always unfreeze at the end of a Soul Wars game.
- Time remaining messages are now handled by the server. This should stop them from appearing twice.
- Spoils of War can no longer be opened in Glarial's Tomb and Koschei's Arena:
- We've also added a few more NPCs to the list of spectral creatures that give Prayer XP while you have the Ectoplasmator:
- - Nazastarool
- - Barbarian spirits (all types)
- - Tree spirit (Lost City)
- - Temple Trekking Shadows

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