How to identify generic medicine

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What are generic drugs? A generic prescription is a product created in dosage form, protection
What are generic drugs?

A generic prescription is a product created in dosage form, protection, strength, route of administration, cost, characteristics and planned usage similar to a brand-name medicine that has already been sold. These correlations contribute to bioequivalence, which ensures that a generic drug functions in the same manner that the brand-name medicine delivers the same therapeutic benefit. In other words, a generic drug may be used as the same replacement for its brand name equivalent.

For eg, Paracetamol is a generic drug, where Crocin is a branded medicinal product (chemicals content used when you have a cold). Generic medicines are also clearly very affordable compared to their branded partners. However, marketing is the challenge. The cost of production + promotional cost + intermediary charges for the branded MRP firms normally includes They thus strongly encourage intermediaries and physicians to advise their branded drugs in exchange for higher benefits. Thus, most hospitals and drug stores would choose licenced drugs to be sold rather than generic.

How a PCD Pharma Manufacturing Company ensures that generic medicine is working the same?
Every generic medicinal product would do the same in the body as brand name medicinal products. It must be the same as the brand-name medicinal product in dose, shape and road, protection, efficacy, intensity and marking (with certain limited exceptions). It also has to follow high expectations of consistency and production and must be and quality adopted and used in the same manner as the brand-name label. Both generic drugs are covered by this standard.

Is there any Colour code for generic medicines
The Indian Government's strategy to promote generic drugs is not in place. The Indians have formed a brand popularity culture in the pharmaceutical industry. The use of colour codes is little use in identifying medicinal products and maintaining generic medicinal products on different shelves. The same drug is often distributed products, let alone generics, is sold 200 times more than most brands. The CCI voiced frustration about the high trade margin and requested a generic medicinal policy prescription.

The strategy that would actually lower the costs of all medicinal products would have been safer for the CCI. The government would make the rates in the chemist's shop obligatory for open viewing. In this case, patients can identify which drug is less expensive. The belief that marketed products are of the highest consistency, effectiveness and generics hasn't come to light because they are cheaper.

Branded Drug and Generic Drug:
The patent-protected medicinal product is a patented product and the medicinal product is known as a generic medicine and equals in terms of purity, effectiveness, dosage and use. Generic medicines are less expensive.

Generic medications are the same active components as brand names, all of which are Food and Drug Administration approved (FDA). Generics are eligible only after the expiry of the patent. Patent periods on medicinal products can last up to 20 years. It can either produce a generic product, or a new manufacturer can produce, of the same company that produces the branded medication.

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