Ethylene Absorber Market Growth Report during 2020-2031

Posted December 8, 2021 by bisrsrch

Focus on Product, Chemical, End-Use and Application, Regional, and Country-Level-Analysis, 2020-2031
The ethylene absorbers industry is witnessing gradual adoption rates of its products due to various factors such as the shifting consumer needs for higher shelf-life products, stringent government regulations on food wastage, and the growing inclination toward sustainability. In addition, there is an increased installation of production lines, primarily due to an increase in the demand from the food packaging industry, which is predicted to propel the market over time. Moreover, the growing demand for 1-MCP coupled with the increasing awareness to maintain freshness among the packaged products is expected to drive the novel ethylene absorbers market during 2020-2031.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable products are becoming a necessity as environmental awareness as well as issues regarding the same show an uptrend. In the food packaging industry, most of the packaging traditionally uses plastic, and hence leading to be major contributor to plastic wastage impacting negatively to the ecosystem. Nowadays, technical innovations are focusing on eco-friendly products that help to fulfil the objective of packaging and do not harm the environment or ecology on Earth. Biodegradable plastic technology is getting attention in the food packaging industry that has all characteristics for safe food handling. Eco-friendly materials such as bio-degradable plastics and eco-friendly paper are designed to improve packaging safety and quality maintenance that does not harm human health and the environment. Ethylene absorber products are made of packaging material and chemicals. Packaging material is mostly made of paper that is environmental-friendly. Chemicals that are used in ethylene absorbers need to be biodegradable.

The packaging industry holds the largest share in the ethylene absorbers market since the majority of products are transported, stored, and distributed. A UN study revealed that nearly one-third of produce does not reach the consumer as a result of degradation in its quality over periods of storage transportation, and distribution. The food packaging industry is constantly finding solutions to preserve the freshness and quality of packaged items. This requirement is driven by consumer preference toward procuring fresh, safe, and healthy products from the market. Several aspects need to be fulfilled during food packaging, like extended shelf-life, food quality, and safe packaging. The packaging industry is adopting innovations to improve and maintain food quality. In the food industry, for making fruits and vegetables available to a global market, supply chain and packaging plays an important role in preserving food product's taste, odor, color, and quality.

In the food packaging industry, product packaging technology plays a crucial role to sustain in the competition. Ethylene gas is responsible for the ripening process inside the package. Ethylene absorber products are used as a part of the packaging of perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, and seeds and crops. It helps air filtration and ethylene gas control in the packaged products and keeps them fresh. The supply chain industry is enhancing rapidly in developing countries as the packaging industry is also developing. Ethylene absorber product’s application in the packaging industry is growing with demand for quality fresh produce.

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