Bliss Health's alternative practitioner offers a holistic approach that aims to improve health and wellness through the body, mind, and soul

Posted October 6, 2021 by blisshealth

Patient education on lifestyle changes and self-care to promote wellness
According to naturopathic doctor – Dr Ragini Annan from Bliss Health in London, an individual's normal emotional, behavioural, and social development is required for proper psychological health. This signifies that such a person is in a healthy mental state, one that allows them to function regularly in society and throughout everyday occurrences. They have good emotional health, which influences how they feel.

The human mind, emotions and body are all components of a much larger, highly evolved, and exceedingly complicated system. While all of these components of our existence interact with one another, modern medicine has a propensity to focus on only one area of concern. Whether it is an emotional disruption in our life, a mental problem or a physical sickness, it is suggested that we look at it differently and see indications of illness and disease not as causes for alarm as much, but rather as symptoms of much deeper-rooted issues that we must address.

Bliss Health employs a sophisticated and holistic approach to restore the body to health and its alternative practitioner provides therapy alternatives that take into account all of your being's influential cognitions. It is the type of treatment that considers the nutrients one requires to develop and heal consciousness in order to reach psychological, bodily, and physiological excellence.

At Bliss Health, wellness is viewed through a personal and humanised lens that considers one's emotional, physical, intellectual, and work-life. This means you can get guidance on a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation and get access to all of the help you need to set yourself free to live fully.

“Rather than running to the nearest pharmacy or scavenging the medicine cupboard for fast solutions, we as alternative practitioners would rather suggest that we view medical issues as the body's attempt to heal itself, and to opt for natural remedies and alternative medicine first, before taking to chemical products. When required, chemicals, medications, and operations should be used as a last option.

An alternative practitioner myself, or someone who is trained to practise alternative medicine, I am completely aware that medical science does not take into account the importance of awareness and the impact it has on the entire body and its well-being. People all around the world relied on herbal treatments prior to the arrival of modern medicine,” Dr Ragini explained.

She is not only a licensed holistic health practitioner, but an advocate for the use of naturally occurring substances such as particular herbs, foods, sunlight and fresh air, as well as relaxation, meditation, and exercise. If you would like to learn more about the holistic healing therapies of Bliss Health, be sure to visit their website for more information.

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To consider addressing any kind of concern you might be experiencing whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual merely by taking a tablet or zooming on only on the specific concern without considering your entire being and all other areas of your life, can be rather pointless. It might deliver short term results as you will be treating the symptom, but the true cause of these concerns is still very present in your life. At Bliss Health, you can enjoy guidance on a holistic approach to healing and gain access to all the help you need to set yourself free to live fully. Visit our website at or contact me directly and see how you can enjoy the life you were born to live.
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