Bitcoin's epic plunge, the top exchange is down, DOTC.PRO becomes the safest choice

Posted May 20, 2021 by Blockchain_Daily_News

The more extreme the market, the more the advantages of the decentralized exchange will be reflected. The world's first decentralized over-the-counter trading platform DOTC.PRO has become the safest choice under the extreme market.
May 19 is destined to be a day remembered by the currency circle.

Bitcoin staged a crazy roller coaster, once it plunged 30% to touch $30,000, and fell 54% from the record high of nearly $65,000 set in April. According to bybt data, in this round of plunge, more than 770,000 people became victims of liquidation. The largest single liquidation order occurred in Huobi-BTC, valued at more than 67 million U.S. dollars.

Not only Bitcoin, but all global cryptocurrencies have suffered heavy losses. Ethereum fell by 46%, Dogecoin fell by 55%, SHIB fell by 58%, Polkadot DOT fell by 57%; Binance, Huobi, OKEx three major transactions All platform currencies fell 46%, 44%, and 65% respectively.

Under extreme market conditions, the trading platform broke the problem of unplugging the network cable. Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, suspended the withdrawal of Ethereum and ERC20 due to network congestion. Coinbase, which has been listed on Nasdaq, website, mobile Both applications and APIs experience intermittent interruptions.

In sharp contrast to the downtime of the centralized trading platform, DEX is favored by investors under extreme market conditions.

During the extreme market period, the trading volume of DEX reached a historical peak. On May 19 alone, the total trading volume of DEX broke a record high, reaching 11 billion U.S. dollars. Under extreme market conditions, centralized exchanges exposed a series of problems and directly promoted them. The trading volume of DEX has skyrocketed!

The more extreme the market, the more the advantages of the decentralized exchange will be reflected. The world's first decentralized over-the-counter trading platform DOTC.PRO has become the safest choice under the extreme market.

Support block trade liquidity
Under extreme market conditions, the price of cryptocurrency fluctuates violently, traditional exchanges are worrying about liquidity, and order matching is also the most prone to problems. Often investors' orders have not been submitted, and prices have undergone huge changes, which has brought great trouble to investors' transactions. .

DOTC.PRO does not have such liquidity problems at all. Over-the-counter pricing transactions can not only reduce the interference to the market, but also can trade at the expected price.

Ensure the safety of user assets
Unlike centralized exchanges that frequently stop withdrawing coins and malicious downtime causing investors to explode their positions, DOTC.PRO does not centrally custody users’ assets, and users do not need to deposit coins to the platform. Therefore, the platform cannot control and operate user funds. , Users hold their own wallet private keys, and all assets are in their 100% control. There will be no problems with assets being stopped by the platform or even being stolen, which greatly improves the security of funds.

It is obvious that DOTC.PRO has obvious advantages compared with CEX. With the development of the DeFi market, the market share of decentralized exchanges is gradually expanding. In the future, in the field of the trading market, DOTC.PRO will definitely Win the battle with a strong global ecology and highly competitive operating model innovation, and become the infrastructure of the DeFi market.

At present, DOTC.PRO has opened the fourth round of global testing. All users participating in the test can get airdrops. Test application email: [email protected]

Introduction to DOTC.PRO
DOTC.PRO is the world's first decentralized digital asset over-the-counter trading platform, the official website is; it is invested by Digital Currency Group and Blockchain Capital, and the DOTC Foundation comprehensively coordinates and coordinates various global affairs, distributed The developer organization DeFiTech Lab leads the project research and development work.

The purpose of DOTC is to promote the transformation of the cryptocurrency trading market from centralized to decentralized. It is the hidden dangers of user assets such as hacker attacks caused by the centralized asset custody model and improper management of platform assets. Transaction liquidity cannot support large transactions and other industry pain points. Provide solutions, build a highly trusted, highly transparent, stable and reliable open transaction ecosystem, and strive to become a decentralized financial infrastructure, providing security and openness for global users , Transparent over-the-counter transaction services.
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