The world's first decentralized over-the-counter trading platform DOTC will launch MDEX at 18:00 on June 10th

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When it went online, DOTC.PRO and Sweet Community launched an airdrop of 100 billion OTCC tokens, registered 6 million airdrops, and invited 12 million airdrops
According to official news, DOTC, the governance token of the decentralized over-the-counter trading platform DOTC.PRO, will be officially launched on the Huobi Eco-Chain MDEX exchange at 18:00 on June 10, opening the DOTC/USDT trading pair; the DOTC.PRO platform DApp will Landed on the Huobi ecological chain HECO on the 12th, and started OTC mining.

The era of digital assets is an era full of opportunities. Blockchain has become the largest gold nugget field in this era. Everyone must keep up with the pace of the times and share the feast of wealth brought about by this blockchain revolution!

2021 is the year of the rise of the block year industry, and it is also a year when the block chain industry stands in the forefront. From the explosive growth of mainstream digital currencies to the rapid introduction of management standards and policies in various countries, it is a manifestation of the global commitment to the block chain. The consensus on the development of China has become stronger and stronger.

At present, blockchain finance is developing rapidly and is widely used worldwide, covering almost all branches of the economic field from the financial industry to e-commerce, cross-border payment, and insurance. As the cryptocurrency market continues to heat up, more and more capital has poured into the cryptocurrency market. In cryptocurrency transactions, how to truly protect the safety of user capital has become an urgent topic in the cryptocurrency market.

In the first half of this year, cryptocurrency security incidents caused losses of approximately US$1.7 billion in assets. Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck was hacked and lost approximately US$530 million; Bithumb exchange was attacked by DDoS, and hackers stolen from hot wallets approached 32 million U.S. dollars in funds; as of May 2021, asset losses caused by exchange security incidents have exceeded 4.8 billion U.S. dollars.

Although centralized exchanges occupy the mainstream market, they are more vulnerable to hacker attacks, and they always bear major risks from hacker attacks, management team business ethics, and platform management vulnerabilities.

The global cryptocurrency market urgently needs a trading platform that is safe and transparent and supports the liquidity of large transactions. In the context of changes in the times, DOTC.PRO came into being to provide industry solutions to the pain points that traditional trading platforms could not solve for a long time.

Compared with traditional trading platforms, DOTC.PRO has achieved true key self-holding, community autonomy, ecological co-construction and benefit sharing.

In terms of user assets, in traditional platform transactions, users must recharge coins to the platform, which is centrally stored and managed by the platform, which causes two major hidden risks. One is that the platform wallet is hacked and the assets are stolen, and the other is that the platform guards self-pirate and carry it. Money goes away, or the platform wallet key is improperly managed and lost, causing problems such as not running away but unable to withdraw coins.

DOTC.PRO realizes key self-holding in the true sense. Users do not need to recharge coins to the platform. Smart contracts take care of user assets throughout the entire process. The platform cannot control users' coins, and users have 100% ownership of their coins!

At the same time, unlike traditional trading platforms where the platform independently decides on transaction disputes and formulates platform rules, DOTC.PRO delegates all the governance rights of the platform to users around the world. Platform rules are decided by voting on the user chain, and transaction disputes are handled by community arbitrators. The entire operating mechanism does not have the participation of the platform team. The core function of the platform team is to integrate global resources to promote DOTC's global brand building.

The DOTC.PRO platform governance token DOTC (foreign currency) is issued based on the Huobi ecological chain Heco, with a total of 21 million, and the distribution ratio is as follows: Institutional investment: 10%, 2.1 million community incentives: 10%, 2.1 million airdrops: 5%, 1.05 million technology: 5%, 1.05 million foundation: 5%, 1.05 million OTC mining: 65%, 13.65 million

The DOTC.PRO platform has reached strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign blockchain communities such as Tianmi Community, Liuhe Community, Sweet Community, Lollipop Community, Shared Community, Haohan Community, Juhui Community, Pizza Community, Unlimited Network, etc. Promote the global ecological development of DOTC.

On the occasion of DOTC landing on the Huobi ecological chain, the sweet community launched the second phase of 100 billion OTCC token airdrops, registered airdrops of 6 million, invited airdrops of 12 million, and registered on the DOTC.PRO platform DApp on the 12th to get airdrops; sweet The community and the DOTC.PRO trading platform are partnerships. The OTCC of this airdrop is a community token issued by Sweet Community based on HECO. It adopts a fair start, zero private equity, and zero elimination mechanism to achieve a deflationary zero elimination economic model.

DOTC.PRO core advantages

1. Asset safety
Users hold their own wallet private keys and don’t need to deposit coins to the platform account. The transaction principal is managed by smart contracts. Point-to-point transfers from the seller’s OTC account to the buyer’s OTC account. The platform has zero contact with user assets, eliminating the risk of platform runaways and hacker attacks.

2. Cybersecurity
The smart contract code is open source, the transaction data is stored in a distributed manner, and the transaction data cannot be unilaterally tampered with. Hackers launching attacks on a single node cannot affect the operation of the transaction network. The smart contract is audited by the internationally renowned security audit service provider Certik (

3. Privacy protection
No need for real-name authentication, no mobile phone number or email registration, use a decentralized wallet to log in, asymmetric and secure encryption of payment information, only the authorization of both parties to the transaction is visible, and there is no risk of privacy information leakage

4. AML anti-money laundering and card closure compensation
Both buyers and sellers are required to pay transaction deposits, original sponsor system, subordinate default, money laundering, deduction of sponsor and subordinate deposits, improve the quality of user groups, and prevent money laundering criminals from entering the platform; combined with historical transactions on the blockchain, it is truly effective to avoid access to gold The card is blocked due to contamination; if the card is blocked, the user submits material evidence to apply for arbitration, and can receive a maximum compensation of 10,000 USDT worth of DOTC card blocking

5. Community Autonomy
Platform development decisions and important operating parameters are determined by voting on the community user chain. Transaction disputes are handled by community arbitrators. The arbitrators participating in the voting are randomly generated. It is impossible to assign specific arbitrators to avoid collaborative voting.

6. Self-service listing
Comprehensively change the currency listing model, eliminate high currency listing fees and long manual audits. VIP users can complete the currency launch in an open, fair, transparent, and efficient manner without review, and promote high-quality project parties to actively participate in platform construction, and contribute to the global community. Users online excellent investment projects to establish a freer and more transparent cryptocurrency trading market

7. Pledge dividends
100% of the platform transaction fee is allocated to the dividend pool, users pledge the platform governance token DOTC, and receive USDT fee dividends, and users and the platform develop together and share dividends

8. Repurchase and destruction
Except USDT and DOTC, the default deposits of other currencies are used to repurchase and destroy DOTC, reduce the total amount of circulation in the secondary market, and form a deflationary economic model

9. DOTC over-the-counter transaction mining
The initial return ratio of DOTC mining for over-the-counter trading is 1:1. For every 1 USDT fee paid by the user, DOTC worth 1 USDT will be rewarded at the average price of DOTC on the day for the user to redeem; the total amount of transaction mining will be 136,000 per output. , The return ratio is reduced by 30%, and the return ratio is reduced by 30%

10. Invite rewards
Invite lower-level users and pay the sponsorship limit for them, and the inviter will receive 5% of the transaction mining rewards for direct users and indirect users

DOTC.PRO development prospects

At present, the global recognition of cryptocurrencies continues to increase, the crypto market is expanding rapidly, and investors' willingness to participate in crypto assets investment continues to rise; the total market value of the crypto asset industry has risen sharply.

In 2020, the market value of crypto assets soared from 193 billion U.S. dollars at the beginning of the year to 641 billion U.S. dollars at the end of the year, an increase of 3.3 times. In the beginning of 2021, the global cryptocurrency market value will reach a record high of 2 trillion U.S. dollars. The investment market has invested in cryptocurrency assets. Strong vote of confidence.

Industry analysis data shows that the trading volume of the over-the-counter market is about 1.5 to 3 times that of the on-exchange market. With the prosperity and development of cryptocurrencies and the continuous entry of institutional investors, OTC over-the-counter transactions are used as investors to deposit and withdraw funds in the crypto field. An important way of trading with assets is evolving into the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency field, and a huge incremental market is being formed.

Under the common governance of foundations, investors, and global community users, DOTC.PRO will rely on multi-dimensional operation models and technological innovations, as well as the global resources of foundations and investment institutions, to promote DOTC.PRO's rapid occupation of the global market and establish internationalization Brand value, building a cross-border, open decentralized over-the-counter transaction ecosystem, and becoming the infrastructure of decentralized finance.
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