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Bill Code was established in July 2019 to develop an improved blockchain and intelligent trading platform.
What is Bill Code?
Bill Code was established in July 2019 to develop an improved blockchain and intelligent trading platform. We are building the Bill Code network to improve the global financial and payment system.
Bill Code is a new type of cryptocurrency based on the CPoC consensus mechanism. Its main innovation is the adoption of a new conditional capacity proof consensus mechanism and the use of hard drives as consensus participants, allowing everyone to mine cryptocurrencies. Hard disk mining makes BILL more decentralized, generating credit and value through mathematical algorithms and distributed mining.
Bill Cipher is the top cipher in cryptography. Now we combine Bill Cipher with the CPoC consensus mechanism to form a financial cipher of cryptography + blockchain technology.

What is the CPoC consensus mechanism?
CPoC:Conditioned Proof Of Capacity,It is possible to mine through hard disks. In comparison, CPoC is safer, fairer and more scalable than PoW. CPoC mining has become a hot spot nowadays. The innovations of CPoC mainly include:
1. The low-threshold CPoC algorithm uses mining equipment as hardware. Compared with POW miners, the price is lower and the threshold is lower.
2. There is no need for a large amount of computing power. After the data required for mining is generated, the actual mining process hardly needs computing resources.
3. CPoC mining only relies on hard disk capacity.
4. The POC mining mechanism has all the modes of POW, which effectively avoids the shortcomings of POW, and at the same time has more improvements in security, and the overall mining effectiveness has also been greatly improved.
What is liquidity mining
Liquidity mining is also called "staking mining". Liquidity mining is a mode of providing liquidity for virtual currencies and obtaining rewards, which may help to improve the current situation where digital currencies only have investment value.
In the BILL liquidity mining pool, participants need to deposit more than the specified amount of BILL as required to provide liquidity for the fund pool to obtain income. To a certain extent, this is similar to savings in the real economic system, which will make BILL one more attribute than any other digital currency-currency circulation value.
Why is Bill Code better?
Bill Code has an economic model system based on the CPoC consensus mechanism. As the leading currency of CPoC hard disk mining, Bill Code has a deep community foundation and market depth. The fixed total issuance of Bill Code (45 million) can eliminate the risk of inflation and deflation caused by human factors. The organic cooperation of the liquidity mining mechanism and the CPoC mining mechanism can effectively ensure the community activity and the initial stage of the project. Value stability.
After the mainnet goes live, the BILL currency price will soon rise to the trend pressure level and form a bottom prototype in a short period of time. The pull-up at the bottom makes the market appear to have a simultaneous increase in the amount of participation and the value of BILL, even if there is a market value callback in the later period, it will not hurt the fundamental value of BILL.
What is the halving plan of Bill Code?

How can I buy BILL?
Bill Code is expected to be launched on the mainnet in mid-July 2021, and mining rewards will be opened simultaneously. Soon after the launch, it will be synchronized to Uniswap, Aave, Compound and other exchanges for trading.
Will BILL fluctuate like other cryptocurrencies?
We believe that the volatility of BILL will be less than that of most cryptocurrencies such as BTC. Bill Coin's CPoC mining mechanism will give BILL a certain value meaning, and the inherent technical advantages will cause BILL to have a higher basic price at the beginning of its launch.
At the same time, due to the existence of the liquid mining part of Bill Coin, the value of BILL in the market will not be limited to trading investment. Investors holding BILL also have practical significance in participating in liquid mining. This may cause the BILL circulating in the investment market to be restricted to a certain extent, but at the same time it is also conducive to the stability of the BILL currency price trend, so that BILL will not experience particularly large fluctuations due to unstable market behavior.

Why is it called Bill Code?
The Beale Code originated from a 23-page pamphlet "The Beale Papers" published in 1885. The author's true identity is unknown. The pamphlet was published through the agent J.B. Ward (J.B. Ward). The booklet contains three passwords and stories about them. In May 2018, JP Miller Jr, an enthusiast of Bill Cipher, released the "Bill Cipher-The Fourth Blockchain Password Creation Conjecture" with the help of blockchain technology. This conjecture is hailed as the fourth bill of Bill Cipher. Password treasure. In June of the same year, Professor James Short from the Blockchain Research Center of Stanford University wrote back to start a creation meeting with JP Miller Jr and co-founded the Bill Cryptography Institute. Bill Code came into being, and Bill Code became the most expensive in the world. Password.

In general, Bill Code is a rare good project in recent years that has gathered enthusiasm from the technology circle, capital circle, and market circle. Whether it is short-term speculation or value investment, BILL has broad prospects. At present, it is important not to miss the best operation opportunity later, so as not to miss it. Every period has an opportunity in every period. This is the best era, and this is also the worst era. Whether it is good or bad depends entirely on whether you seize the right time to get on the train.
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