UK launches its first legal 'smart pill'

Posted April 21, 2017 by brainzyme

A new legal 'natural smart pill' cognitive enhancer has been launched in the UK, offering a real alternative to growing demand for illegally-sold pharmaceutical 'smart drugs'.
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UK launches its first legal 'natural smart pill'.

A new legal 'natural smart pill' cognitive enhancer has been launched in the UK, offering a real alternative to growing demand for illegally-sold pharmaceutical 'smart drugs'.

Edinburgh, UK, 18 April 2017

*BrainZyme - a food supplement cognitive enhancer scientifically proven to support mental performance, cognition and concentration, whilst reducing tiredness.
*Manufactured in UK, BrainZyme is a legal, 'natural smart pill' alternative to illegally-sold pharmaceutical 'smart drugs'.
*Contains a combination of matcha green tea, guarana, choline, vitamins and minerals.
*Beings to work within an hour.

Smart drugs (also called nootropics) have been growing in popularity since the blockbuster movie 'Limitless' gripped the public's imagination. The idea that a person could simply take a pill and have heightened brain function with more concentration has been very attractive to many people living exhausting or stressful lives.

As such, the past few years have seen steady increases in the use of such pills, with now up to 25% of the UK's student population admitting to having tried such. Other professions such as lorry drivers, doctors, pilots and others with stressful jobs have also begun relying on them. However, the vast majority of these pharmaceutical 'smart drugs' have not been legal to sell in the UK.

Today, there is a new alternative to these pharmaceutical 'smart drugs', with the launch of UK's first ever 'natural smart pill' cognitive enhancer. Called BrainZyme and manufactured in the UK, each capsule contains a mix of matcha green tea powder, guarana fruit seeds, choline and a combination of vitamins and minerals. The ingredients used have been scientifically proven to support mental performance and cognition, improve concentration and reduce tiredness.

Calum Scott, founder of Edinburgh-based Better Nutritional Science Ltd, says that the rise in popularity for energising, mental performance-enhancing solutions is indicative of a culture of mental exhaustion, with adults of all ages striving to achieve more than ever, at a faster pace. Students have been the main adopter of 'smart drugs' but increasingly, those with stressful jobs incorporating long or unusual working hours have also begun relying upon them. This, he says, is only likely to worsen and so natural, safe solutions must be made available to assist over short periods of time.

Law prohibits the sale of unregistered pharmaceuticals (including Modafinil, Adderall, Noopept or Ritalin). In the UK, those dealing prescription pills such as Modafinil face up to 2 years in prison, and those selling experimental drugs such as Noopept up to 7 years in prison. Illegally-made Modafinil has low safety when manufacture done in unregistered offshore factories in Russia or elsewhere. Side effects include migraines, skin rashes, irritability and dizziness. Despite the legal, safety and health risks many, including top academics, have continued to consume pharmaceutical 'smart drugs' in ever increasing amounts.

"In contrast, BrainZyme is a safe, affordable and effective natural cognitive enhancer - or 'natural smart pill'- and it starts to work within an hour. Customer reviews are very positive, with comments such as, "I felt focused, could think clearer and got a lot more done". We believe it is a real alternative to illegally-sold pharmaceutical "smart drugs". BrainZyme can support your mental performance and improve concentration, helping you get more done in your study or work day", says Scott.

"When formulating BrainZyme, we relied on a peer-reviewed published nutritional science, with an emphasis on; mental performance, cognitive function, synthesis of neurotransmitters and DNA, neurological functions, energy yielding metabolism and the nervous system, and we believe BrainZyme has successfully incorporated this science. However, we would emphasise that supplements are no substitute for good diet, proper sleep and regular exercise. BrainZyme is simply a convenient way to supplement your normal diet with tailored nutrients for your brain and to help support you for short periods when you are busy or under pressure", added Scott.

"This product contains Iron, which can be harmful to young children in large doses. If you are consuming another supplement containing Iron, consult with your Doctor first. There is a mild form of green tea and guarana seed caffeine inside the capsules, one capsule equivalent to 1/3 of a cup of filter coffee, and as such the product is only suitable for adults and children above 16 years of age. You should take medical advice first if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, under medical supervision or suffer from allergies", says Scott.
Suitable for vegetarians, a pack of 30 capsules costs £5.95, available from

About BrainZyme:

BrainZyme is UK's first legal 'natural smart pill' cognitive enhancer with matcha, guarana, choline, vitamins and minerals.

BrainZyme is made in the UK by Better Nutritional Science Ltd, a Scottish company registered in the UK. Website:

Better Nutritional Science is a registered food supplement business with Scottish Environmental Health offices and compliant with UK's Department of Health and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) statutory legislation for food supplements. The scientifically proven claims made are verified and compliant with UK regulatory agencies.

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Claire Shiels or Calum Scott at [email protected], Edinburgh, UK,
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