Return on the Site of Grace then go through the door on the left side and talk to your NPC

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Be patient with this fight and be patient, as he moves slow enough to give you time to view his attack animations and develop a feeling for the best and worst times for your own attempts Be careful not to become overly greedy and leave yourself vulnerable. Melee fighters need to back off periodically in order to get back to full strength and wait until he makes the first move to respond accordingly.Get your attacks in as you can slowly reduce Margit down. He'll be able to fall after a few rounds in the process, allowing you to get to Stormveil Castle proper.

Stormveil Castle Walkthrough.Starting at your Stormveil Main Gate, go right down the stairs and steal the body to obtain the Furlcalling Finger Remedy.As you return up the steps, take a look across the edge and you'll find a wooden bridge along the wall. You can drop down and follow this path to the end to find an item called Fire Grease x2. Drop down again into the grassy area. Finally, go out of the castle via it's hole inside the castle wall to your left.

Return on the Site of Grace then go through the door on the left side and talk to your NPC who calls out at you from the corner. They'll explain that you have two ways to approach this keep: via the gate with a strong fortification, or through a hidden opening in the side. At this point it may be possible to walk through the front gate gauntlet with a little determination, but it would be an unnecessary effort and would leave you with numerous items. This guide is going the other way to ensure most loot.

Following the advice of the NPC, exit out the opening on the left side of the room. Take the Golden Rune [1] on the edge of the cliff. Turn around and use the rock to jump into the hole in the castle wall , where you will find Ruin Fragment x3. Follow the pathway along through the wall to reach an incline on the other side. Here , you'll see one wall with a gap broken in it. Climb up the debris on your right until you can climb a cliff over you in which you can see an Smithing Stone [2]. Make sure to descend to the grassy bottom where you'll be sprayed by one of the storm hawks. After killing it, walk towards the edge of the cliff But instead of going down proceed to the right and find a tiny path that leads up to a crumbling watchtower. It is here that you'll meet an NPC at the beginning of this and he will offer you a Grace Mimic.

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