So it was EA and Sega going head to head and then Sega pulled

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So it was EA and Sega going head to head and then Sega pulled a movement that EA saw for their football franchise as a existential threat and sold NFL2K5 for $20. It was a sport and forced their price to drop to $30 that year and caused earnings. So like after the games released EA signed a contract to the league for exclusive rights. EA had the cash to drop to protect their golden goose. Cutthroat capitalism to ensure you have no competition. Now EA only require exclusive rights to the NBA and then EA has full dominance over sport matches.The Madden NFL 23 beta just allowed for exhibition gamesagainst AI or head to head with an online opponent, with a restricted number of groups to pick from. And though the complete game is going to have significantly more choices, there is some concern from fans that Madden NFL 23 isn't providing enough new content. Unfortunately, there isn't anything in the beta that addresses those worries.

That assessment might just be true, though the exact same could be said for many Madden NFL game releases. Longtime fans of the series should know just what to anticipate at this point, and for those gamers, the on the field enhancements could still be enough to create the game a worthwhile purchase, even with no substantial new game modes or features.

Something which makes this season's edition of Madden NFL especially fascinating is that it's coming into next-generation platforms. EA has shown some footage of the next-gen version of Madden NFL 23 in action, but the large focus for the time being is understandably on the curent-gen release. That being said, Madden players should anticipate a basically identical experience between both games concerning gameplay, even though the next-gen version will likely have improved visuals and possibly take advantage of things like the PS5 DualSense control's haptic feedback.

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