Distorted Thinking Patterns Voiced As Result of Societal Pressures

Posted August 6, 2015 by bryantknox9

World renowned self-development coach, Andy Shaw, emphasizes how crucial positive thinking is when life throws a curve-ball.
In a world dominated by the 9-5 daily grind, it's sometimes difficult to keep in mind that modern society must really focus on life and joy, rather than work, time-keeping and to-do lists. It's such a deep-pressed problem in the twenty-first century that everybody seems to be looking for a way to handle the pressures and anxieties that are encompassing everyone's lives.

Just recently, for instance, Kelli Cooper, released a blog on Huffington Post about the magic that comes with a little bit of positive thinking. She explains that for the past four years, she has actually let go of everything: she is presently traveling around the world, with nothing but her husband at her side - something that she asserts just would not have been possible if it weren't for her new-found positive attitude to life.

"More and more stories are surfacing online everyday about individuals who have actually given up their job to live out their dreams", states Andy Shaw, a self-development coach. "And I say, why not? The majority of people will work 'til retirement. Then, after 40 years of working, they are stuck in this stressful mind-frame that they can never get out of. Society has become so hectic nowadays that it's actually beginning to harm us permanently."

Andy Shaw has been working over the past few years to establish a self-help program specifically created to ease the anxieties and stress that modern life brings. His "Bug Free Mind" system allows people to reconnect with their innermost ideas and sensations once more, teaching them to put themselves first for a change, in order to accomplish authentic happiness - the type of genuine joy that can't be achieved in a society that lives to work, rather than works to live.

After huge success in over 130 countries across the country, Andy states he hopes that his Saltori Thinking System will quickly put an end to negative thinking forever. "We're all just taught exactly what to believe," Shaw states. He includes: "However the secret to happiness is not aiming to learn everything we possibly can, in the hope that one day we can be the absolute finest at it. We're just thrown more and more information every day, from all directions, and then we end up being annoyed because we still cannot accomplish everything we wish to achieve. What we actually need to do is structure our thought paths, so that we can actually process the information that buries us, and do something great with it. Once it's a part of your natural routine, life ends up being totally trouble-free, and like Kelli, we can learn how to just let go of our inhibitions, and do exactly what we have actually always imagined.' His system consists of short videos that can be viewed at home, or perhaps even on the daily commute, that are ensured to rewire the mind, in order to attain a full sense of positivity, joy and a new way of life.

Andy Shaw's entire "Bug Free Mind" system is available on his site, where the first five chapters are likewise available for any person to download with no cost whatsoever.

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