Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Kedarkantha Trek

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Kedarkantha is a paradise for snow fall lovers. If you want to play in the snow yet again or even if it is your first time seeing the snowfall, Kedarkantha would be ideal to fulfill this dream of yours.
The Kedarkantha trek is considered to be one of the best treks in India. Let’s look at 10 reasons why?
Sitting in the lap of Himalayas of Garhwal, Kedarkantha trekking trip is a treat for nature lovers. Once you reach the Kedarkantha Peak, don’t forget to see the sunrise from there. Trust us, waking up at the dawn would be worth it. The whole sky looks spectacular from this viewpoint, covered with rainbows of early morning hues and tints. From 1200 ft, the sunrise looks more magical and heavenly than anything and the cold Kedarkantha temperature adds to the whole vibe. Even if you’re not a believer this experience will make you believe in higher powers for that one moment.
• Kedarkantha is a paradise for snow fall lovers. If you want to play in the snow yet again or even if it is your first time seeing the snowfall, Kedarkantha would be ideal to fulfill this dream of yours. As long as you visit Kedarkantha at the right time of the year, you will get to witness the whole place covered in a blanket of clean white snow. The months between December to March are the ideal months if you want to witness this scenery and enjoy the touch of the freezing water. You must look at the Kedarkantha Peak covered in snow for the best view.
• Throughout the Kedarkantha trek route, you will come across several Himalayan Peaks such as Black Peak, Swargarohini peaks, Bandarponch, Gangotri ranges, and Draupadi ka Danda. With an altitude of 6,387 m, Black Peak is the highest peak in Garhwal Himalayas. These snow-covered peaks look spectacular from a distance. Even without that, there’s always something to admire in the near vicinity during this trek. A vast land of snow during the day and a sea of stars at night, this trek has got it all.
• Part of the charm of visiting new places is meeting new people. Trips that involve a long trek rarely give you a chance to interact with the locals and understand their culture. But Kedarkantha offers you a stay in homestays where you literally get the opportunity of living with the locals. You can eat their food with them, observe closely their style of living and understand their lifestyle. The homestays are situated in Gaichawan Gaon and will get the chance of living with these people on the first and last day of your trek. So don’t miss your chance by booking a hotel instead.
• The forests of Kedarkantha are not visited very often apart from yearly travelers and local villagers. This means that unlike forests in other places, Kedarkantha’s forests are not manicured and groomed for their visitor’s convenience. So, you get to experience the touch of the authenticity of nature. They are dense and never-ending making the whole trek magical. Also, the mix of deodar, oak and pine makes them full of variety and keeps you engaged with its diversity. But be careful as it is easy to get lost in these forests. Always stay close to your tour coach or a local villager.
• Kedarkantha has a lot of clearings on all sides, making it different from other treks where clearings are hard few and far to come. And even with so many clearings, every clearing is different from the other; While Khujey gives you the feel of camping hillside, Juda Ka Talab as its name suggests immerses you completely in its beautiful lake view. If we had to look for one common thing, it would be that the sunrise and sunsets from all these clearings look stunning. Since, the clearings and forests go hand in hand; you will have a feeling of completeness at the end of each trek.
• A lot of treks only have a single route which everyone has to follow. But Kedarkantha trekking has a lot of routes that you can choose from. Every route offers a different and more stunning view. You can also choose a trek depending on how crowded it will be. The more popular trek routes will obviously have more people on it, while there are quieter treks for people who enjoy trekking in peace. You will of course have to keep the Kedarkantha weather in mind while making this decision as some trek routes might become harder to cross due to heavy snowfall.
• Kedarkantha trekking trip is quite famous amongst travelers for its summit. A summit is the highest point of a mountain or hill top. A lot of treks treat a high point on a range or a pass as their final destination, but the Kedarkantha Trek has a proper marked mountain peak as its ending point. Plus, the elation you feel when you finally see the peak through the tree line is something else. A good destination point works wonderfully as a motivation for trekkers and helps them keep going. The fact that the height of this summit aka the Kedarkantha height is 12,500 ft makes it even better.
• Every other stop on the Kedarkantha Trek is associated with some kind of mythological story, especially the elusive Kedarkantha Temple. Whether you believe in them or not, these stories do add a lot more to the experience and genuinely makes you wonder whether there is some truth to the legend. Juda ka talab, the most peaceful place of the whole trek also has a famous legend attached to it. Apparently, Lord Shiva loosened one of his hair strands leading to water flowing out from it. All the water released from the strand formed a small lake, Juda Ka Talab.
• Kedarkantha is considered to be one of the best treks for beginners. As long as you are physically fit; which is anyway a requirement for every trek, Kedarkantha trek will be perfect for your first time. It is considered an easy to moderate trek route and has all the bells and whistles to make the journey fun for first timers. The Kedarkantha best time would be in winters because of the stunning view it provides.
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