Tips That Will Make Your Trip to Meghalaya Easier

Posted October 21, 2021 by capture_a_trip

Meghalaya is one of the most stunning places in India and on Earth, sometimes called a paradise for its picturesque view. After so many years, it is still full of potential for exploring new places.
Meghalaya is one of the most stunning places in India and on Earth, sometimes called a paradise for its picturesque view. After so many years, it is still full of potential for exploring new places. It is also known as one of the wettest places on Earth as it rains in Meghalaya almost throughout the year. Meghalaya tour packages offer a visit to the most popular places in this heavenly abode and since they have an ample amount to choose from, they can range from 4 to 10 days. The state is filled with Meghalaya tourist almost all around the year but especially during the winters due to its pleasant weather. But before you go deeper into Meghalaya tourism, we have a list of tips for you to follow that will make your visit to this place much easier.
● Do not rush with your packing as efficient packing goes a long way with making your trip easier. If you’re travelling in winters don’t forget to pack essentials like sweaters, jumpers, mufflers etc. Portable charger and camera batteries are also quite important. You can always buy anything you forget but you might not find the exact product you require or might not find it at all. Plus, that would be a waste of your money since you already have that thing at home. Don’t over pack either. Leave some space in your bag for the stuff you are going to buy from Meghalaya.
● There are an ample number of Meghalaya tourism place you can visit. Caves, waterfalls, long root bridges, lakes; you name it and it’s there. Therefore, it is important to plan your itinerary in advance. This way, you know what you want to visit and how. This will save your time and help you in sticking to the plan instead of wandering about. One trick to planning a great itinerary would be to save all the sight-seeing spots for one day as most of them would be easy to cover and then keep the food and culture for evenings so that you can rest and enjoy.
● The North-eastern side of India is quite different from its other counterparts. Here, you will come across several borders and restricted zones that will ask for a permit. Therefore, it is essential to do your research well in advance and collect any information you can about all such areas. Having information about these permits will help you in that area and you won’t have to go back after having come so far. Usually, any ID proof will work but certain areas require the Protected Area Permit to gain access. If this seems too complicated, you can always hire a travel guide.
● Meghalaya tour places are a hit amongst the travellers and so every year sees a tremendous rush in the state. Especially during the winters, there is no end to visitors and therefore it gets very difficult to get tickets and accommodation here. So, before you start dreaming about enjoying this abode of the clouds, book everything you will need a good while before the trip. Even before the accommodation, book your flight tickets, as there’s quite a rush and last-minute flight bookings are very expensive.
● Make a list of all possible experiences to make sure you don’t run out of money mid-way through the trip. Nobody enjoys the feeling of travelling so far and then not even experience everything they wanted to because they don’t have an expense to spare anymore. So, write down everything you might have to spend on and also everything you would want to spend on. Local shops in Meghalaya might not accept electronic money, so make sure to carry cash with you at all times. Also, be on a lookout for any ATM to retrieve more money if needed.
● Meghalaya is a land of adventure sports and you will get a lot of opportunities to try one. Yet, it is necessary that you keep your safety in mind and take all he precautions required. Make sure you only take part in any sports after understanding all the rules from an expert. Get the training needed for a particular sport and ask for all the pros and cons before jumping in. Even during trekking, you can’t be too cautious as the area is slippery and hill stations are infamous for stones and twigs that could hurt you. Remember, your safety is in your hands.
● You can find luxury food wherever you go, but you need to keep an eye out for specialties. Part of the charm of any place you’re traveling is the never seen before cuisines they it has to offer. Don’t forget to taste the local cuisines of the places you’re visiting. They are usually available in small shops or are offered as part of street food. To taste the best of Meghalaya, visit the evening markets ad especially go for Tibetan food as it is a specialty there. For momo lovers, Meghalaya also has the best momos in the whole country.
● Before visiting any new place, it is important to understand their culture to reduce the possibility of offending anyone. Trip to Meghalaya offers a variety of cultures and traditions and it might be safer to take down notes to learn about them. If you don’t have time for that, try observing the locals and following their lead when it comes to social cues. This way you can learn more about their culture and also not do anything you aren’t supposed to do. Not only are you respecting their beliefs this way but also learning something new about them.
We could go on and on, but these 8 tips are the most essential to remember. If you want to know in detail about the Meghalaya tourist places, then visit our website
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