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One of the most popular northeastern states in India, Meghalaya is a favorite among the tourists for its picturesque view and pleasant weather. This state was created by carving out two districts of Assam in 1972.
One of the most popular northeastern states in India, Meghalaya is a favorite among the tourists for its picturesque view and pleasant weather. This state was created by carving out two districts of Assam in 1972. Contrary to most states, Meghalaya follows the matrilineal system; women inherit wealth and the lineage is traced through them. It is also known as the abode of clouds which is what Meghalaya means in the Sanskrit language. It is also the wettest state of India due to the constant rainfall received by the state all year around. With so many interesting facts attached to it, who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful Indian state.
So, let’s take a look at the top 7 places you can visit in Meghalaya.
Shillong is a hill station and the capital of Meghalaya. A hit amongst the Meghalaya tourist, this city is famous for its rolling hills. It is also known as the Scotland of the East for this very reason. Shillong boasts of the largest natural golf course of Asia; Gleneagles of the East. It lies in a valley surrounded by pine and rhododendron trees. You can also visit the Shillong Peak, a picnic spot 1966 meters above sea level. It offers a panoramic view and is the highest point of the city. Ward Lake is also a great option for travellers who want a boating experience during this trip. Whether you visit the city in summers or winters, it offers a pleasant and pollution free weather to revel in.
Situated in the East Khasi Hills District, Cherrapunji or Sohra is one of the wettest places on Earth, only beaten by Mawsynram also located in Meghalaya. It receives rain throughout the year, and offers a beautiful view of the plains of Bangladesh. Cherrapunji is a great place for trekking although it is advised to hire a guide for the same. It is famous for its living bridges, with roots as old as 500 years acting as bridges for humans. River Canyoning, rock climbing, and camping are also some activities to take part in, in this town. If you visit this place, make sure to try their pork rice as it is a specialty there. Other than June, July, and August you can visit this place anytime for a good experience.
Elephant Falls
One of the most famous falls in north-east, the Elephant fall is named after the stone at its foot that looks like the animal. Although that stone disintegrated and got washed off in 1897 owing to an earthquake. One of the best experiences of Meghalaya tourism, this fall has three layers accessible to the visitors from different vantage points. It has trails available for trekking and you can even click pictures with the stunning view available. Be warned though, you have to walk down almost 100 steps of stairs before you can access them. But if you can visit them, the stunning view is totally worth it.
Double Decker Living Root Bridge
Located in Cherrapunji, the Double Decker Living Root Bridge is one of the best Meghalaya Tour places and has two bridges stacked one on top of the other. Since the roots are entangled together, the stacking happened naturally. It takes almost 15 years for a root bridge to grow and strengthen enough to be able to hold the weight of the visitors crossing it. It is set at a height of 2400 ft and is 3 km long. This human grown natural wonder is more than 150 years long. You need to be physically fit to reach the upper bridge as the journey is long and can be quite tedious. But once you reach it, the view is worth it.
Mawsmai Cave
Mawsmai Cave is the perfect spot for the explorer in you. Located at a short distance from Sohra, this cave is easily accessible and does not require much effort on your part. You’ll have to walk, squeeze and even crawl but it’s all fun and adds to experience of the cave. You can look at the walls of the cave to spot the fossils and formations present there. Once you have had a taste of these caves, you can also stroll through the surrounding forests for fresh air and scenic beauty. The constant chirping of the birds and creaking of the insects only adds to the overall experience making it a memorable journey.
Nohkalikai Waterfall
Known as one of the best Meghalaya tourist places, Nohkalikai Waterfall is the fourth highest waterfall in the world placed at the height of 1100 ft. Legend has it that a woman called Likai gave her life by jumping in this waterfall. When her second husband cooked his adoptive daughter and fed her to his wife, the wife chose to kill herself rather than live without her daughter. The remorse of marrying the wrong man also forced her to take this step. It is best to visit this waterfall in the monsoon season as the waterfall is in full form at that time of the year. Not only does this spot offer a great view of the waterfall but also the greenery that surrounds it.
Dawki is the border town between Bangladesh and India. It is located in the Jaintia Hills and is famous for its umngot river with crystal-clear waters. The view is so stunning and serene to look at that the travellers can spend a whole day simple looking at it. Boating is another activity that attracts the tourists. In fact, the town hosts a boat riding competition in the spring season. You can also visit the beautiful suspension bridge situated just above the Umngot river. Dawki is a hotbed for trading because of its important location between the Indian and Bangladeshi borders. Shop for some delicious oranges at this Meghalaya tourism place as it is famous for them.
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