6 Signs that Your Car Tyres Need to Be Replaced

Posted June 24, 2022 by carservicesinreading

Tyres, like any other product with a shelf life, become worn and old after extensive use.
Tyres, like any other product with a shelf life, become worn and old after extensive use.
If worn tyres are used, they can be dangerous on the road since they can cause cars to spin out of control. Tyres that aren't performing as well as they should and should have been retired from service also enhance the risk of becoming stuck in the middle of nowhere. It is critical to examine the safety of your vehicle and tyres on a regular basis, especially in winter circumstances.
If you want to confirm if a worn out or faulty tyre was a reason for a MOT failure in the past, go online and search check my MOT history. You will be able to access all the MOT completed on your car and see if the vehicle passed and failed. If failed, it will also state the reasons why and also have a section for 'advisory items' that needed attention.
While having a spare tyre can be useful at times, the risks of driving on tyres that have outlived their usefulness are substantial. As a result, knowing when your tyres need to be replaced is always beneficial.
Your tyres will give you the signals that it's time to say goodbye! All you need to do is recognise the warning indicators check MOT status and have the faulty or worn-out tyres replaced.
Here are six indicators to look out for:
1. Tread depth Reduction - When your tyre loses its tread depth, it's one of the first signs that it's time to be discarded. To be honest, many people have no idea what a tyre tread is, let alone what tread depth measurement is. If you fall into this category, pay special attention to the next statement. Maintaining the correct tread depth on your tyre is critical since losing tread depth affects grip and traction on the road, putting your safety at risk. If you check MOT expiry date of your car and realise that you still have a few months till it is due for renewal, we strongly recommend not to wait and have faulty tyres replaced immediately as this is a safety risk for you, your passengers and other road users. The tread depth can be measured by keeping an eye on the tread wear indicator incorporated into the tyre. These tread wear bars are usually not visible.However, they can be noticed if the tread depth has been exceeded. By doing the test, you can also determine the depth of your tyre tread. These signs appear when the tread depth is less than 1/16 inch. When tread wear bars are evident in two or three separate spots on the tyre, especially less than 120 degrees apart on the circle, your tyres should be replaced right away. Driving on tyres with less than the recommended tread depth is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom.
2. Sidewall Cracks - Regardless of how pricey your tyre is, the day you see those damaging sidewall cracks, you should start thinking about getting new tyres. The oils and chemicals in the rubber compound that have kept the tyre intact for so long gradually evaporate or break down due to overexposure to UV rays of the sun. Over time, the rubber loses its elasticity and cracks form. Sidewall cracks indicate that the tread is drying out and losing way.A common reason for a MOT test failing is faulty and broken tyres, according to a vehicle's MOT history checker. Driving with sidewall cracks could cause the tread to separate in the middle or blow out while on the road.
3. Blisters and Slits - Finding slits, bulges, blisters, or even holes on the tyre surface are a solid sign that your tyre is nearing the end of its life cycle. Fractures and slits are dangerous because they allow air to escape from the tyre, causing it to deflate naturally. Even if you can't see the leaks but notice that the tyre is losing air, it's time to take it to the local tyre centre or car service and repair garage for a professional inspection.
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