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As the world moves toward digitalization in the twenty-first century, India is not left behind in this new era of the digital world.
With campaigns like Digital India, Make in India, and others, India's largest democracy is poised to take a giant leap forward. With this vision in mind, CASH UR DRIVE, Digital Wall Painting (DWP) Media, is poised to revolutionise the digital advertising experience.

Consumer behaviour has shifted dramatically as a result of the digital revolution. Only those businesses that can reach customers in every corner of the globe are successful. Companies nowadays use a variety of advertising methods, including print media such as newspapers and magazines, social media, and traditional media such as wall paintings, billboards, bus stop banners, and shutter paintings, among others. Traditional media is still considered to be evergreen, despite the fact that each media type has an advantage over the others. Even today, traditional media is a very successful form of advertising because it has a better reach in rural areas where other media cannot effectively reach.

For clients who want more visibility for less money, a wall wrap is a cost-effective alternative to billboard advertising. As an advertising medium, wall wrapping allows you to cover large walls in highways, making it simple to target highway traffic on a daily basis. Wall painting advertising is a popular advertising medium, especially among big brands, because it is both durable and cost-effective. CASHurDRIVE reviews also indicate that their services are reasonably priced.

Our Offerings
On a pan-India scale, we offer original digital wall painting. We have created a special medium, similar to a tattoo, to transfer on any rough or brick wall surface. As a result, the Digital Wall Painting media we use is flexible, quick, and easy to apply on even and uneven surfaces such as walls, shutters, trucks, containers, and glass, as well as having a high durability. The media has a high level of sustainability; it can withstand all types of weather and cannot be removed or torn.

CASHurDRIVE has over 14 years of experience in outdoor advertising and provides a variety of services. Mr. Raghu Khanna founded CASH UR DRIVE, India's first on-vehicle advertisement company, which offers digital wall wrap or painting and other media solutions to spread the word about your brand to every possible location. Mr. Raghu Khanna is an IITian with extensive experience in the advertising industry.

This colourful, appealing, and prominently displayed media captures everyone's attention and provides the brand with the visibility it requires to raise awareness. It is a powerful advertising tool because it has broken through the barrier of applications on difficult surfaces and areas. Especially when compared to current media such as manual wall painting, vinyl, and hoardings. It is a low-cost method of increasing brand visibility.

Our team of CASH UR DRIVE
Our expert team will gladly assist you in various steps to complete the digital wall painting campaign according to your specifications. We provide our services at market-leading prices. Advertising wall painting is the most cost-effective and efficient method of marketing a product in target markets.

Advertising Benefits of Digital Wall Painting
There are several advantages to using digital wall painting branding. Some are mentioned below -

1) Traditional wall paintings are less clear, brighter, and visually appealing than digital advertisements.
2) They can withstand a variety of weather conditions while maintaining their gloss, shine, and sharpness.
3) The attention of onlookers is quickly drawn to a prominently displayed digital wall painting.
4) You gain a larger advertising surface on which to promote your brand and make it as appealing as possible.
5) Because the products are digitally printed, there are no chances of errors, misspellings, or other mistakes.
6) Digital wall paintings can be used anywhere, including places where other forms of advertising aren't possible.
7) Digital wall paintings can be used to advertise your brand on any surface.
8) The method of advertising is low-cost and does not necessitate the use of frames or sophisticated printing techniques.

Applications of Digital wall wrap or painting

1) Surfaces that are uneven.
2) Walls that are rough and bricked
3) On both national and state highways.
4) Outside of Walls and Shutters, Dealers Shop.
5) Walls of Dhabas, Warehouses, and Cold Storages
6) Villages in the countryside
7) Markets of Interest
8) Colonies of Residents

If a company wants to show their brand ambassador or the product it should be defined uniformly according to today's need while doing OOH campaigning through Outdoor Wall Painting Media, then go for Digital Wall Painting (DWP), which is the premier painting technology that can be performed anywhere and on any surface while also providing sharpness and high detail uniformity.However, if a brand owner company prefers to display vector images of its product rather than a brand ambassador or a real product image, it should use manual wall painting, as done by Apollo Tyres, Ambuja Cement, and others.

When compared to traditional sign printing, how different is the experience of Digital Wall Painting (DWP)?

The difference between traditional hand wall painting and digital wall painting is enormous. DWP is a 'technology' in and of itself that gives the impression that the painting was done by a skilled artist who put in a lot of effort and time. This is due to the fact that it melts on a variety of surfaces, giving them a unique appearance. Hand wall painting necessitates the use of a variety of colours and brushes to complete the project. However, when it comes to Digital Wall Painting, the process is completely reversed.

First, a white primer coat of paint is applied to the wall. After that, a digital wall printing machine is used to print the given print. After that, the wall is sprayed with water, and the print is applied to the wall in such a way that it dissolves with the wall and adheres to it. The beautiful media impact can be seen after the print has dried.

Indeed digital wall painting is best way of advertising in today's world. Businesses can effectively buzz out their brand at a less cost.

So we invite you to advertise your business through digital wall painting.

CASHurDRIVE reviews offer a variety of outdoor advertising options for businesses. Visit our CASHurDRIVE website and make an appointment with our team.
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