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Diwali is the most celebrated and exciting festival in India. I still remember, in our childhood we used to get excited for Diwali from the month-march.
I and my brother used to count and plan how many crackers to buy and how many diyas to lit, and which types of sweets should we ask our mom to prepare, which type of new clothes to buy. We were not much excited about other festivals when compared to Diwali. We are still excited about Diwali. There are many people like me whose favorite festival is Diwali. It's a festival of purity, a festival of peace and happiness. Many families buy many things during the festival. While someone buys electronic gadgets, someone will buy vehicles or someone will buy a new house or plot.

So we can say that during the festive season buying of products increase. In other words, a dealer can sell more items in the festive season. There was one uncle near our house in our childhood. He was a cloth merchant. Even though he had trendy designer clothes in his shop, there used to be a lack of customers even in the festival season. The main reason for that was because he didn't advertise about his shop and discounts in any way possible. Only people in that lane know about his shop. Then one day one of his friends told him to advertise his shop more and he listened to him. Now his shop is one of the major shops in our city. All this has happened because of the correct way of advertising.

Advertising is key to any successful business. There are lots of ways of advertising a product but we can mainly classify them into two types.

1. Indoor advertising: Indoor advertising involves the advertisements that are presented in a closed area like supermarkets, coffee shops, malls. Indoor advertisements include promotional posters, floor graphics, shop windows, flyers. By indoor advertising, you can easily attract the target audience.
2. Outdoor advertising: Outdoor advertising means advertisements that are presented in an open space. These can include Billboards, hoardings, boards that are presented on the back of the bus. Transit advertising also comes under outdoor advertising. By outdoor advertising, you can reach the target audience as well as the non-target audience.

Both indoor and outdoor advertising methods have their way of reaching and attracting the audience. However, considering the busy lives of people nowadays, outdoor advertisements have more importance in advertising a brand.

Why should I use outdoor advertising?
Let's talk about a person-John. He's a tourist who came to a city in India. He's new to the city and he wanted to know a hotel to stay. When he came out of the airport, he saw a large boarding of a hotel and immediately he wanted to check-in to that hotel. That's how outdoor advertising works. It attracts the target audience immediately.

Out of home advertising also known as outdoor advertising steals the sparkle from the ads on the TVs. One should cleverly use outdoor advertising on this Diwali festive occasion.

In how many ways can I make the outdoor advertising?

1. Digital wall paintings: Wall paintings that can tell about the festival offers to the customers simply and creatively can pull the customers towards the purchase.
2. Hoarding and boarding: When you put a boarding on the busy market area where people roam to buy things and clothes for Diwali, it attracts the audience. In that large crowd, it can be catchy for maximum people.
3. Roadshows: This advertising can increase your company’s profits exponentially. Roadshows are the type of advertisements where you can bring your company's brand and name onto the road. Different companies do roadshows in different ways. But the ultimate target is to reach the audience and let their brand's name be in the memory of customers. By doing roadshows you can tell about your company and the products to the audience in different places.
4. Transit advertising through cabs: Transit advertisements are the cheapest possible way in advertising a brand. On roadshows, you need to hire your vehicle and then you will travel to it but through Transit advertising, all you need to do is, just stick your ads on the sides of cabs or buses. They will just roam around cities as their daily routine but at the same time, people on the road can see your ads.
5. Look walkers: generally around Diwali festival people like to roam around at night. That's when look walkers come into the scene of advertising. Look walkers are like a moving billboard with a bright light that can attract bypassing walkers. People that put on the Billboard on their shoulders like a traveling bag can move from one place to another. At night it will look like a brightly lit Billboard was walking around. And so, it will attract the audience.

These are some of the effective types of advertisements that dealers should try on this Diwali. But keep one thing in mind; to make the most of outdoor advertising, one should keep the effective advertisement with simple words on their outdoor advertisement. Customers wouldn't get interested in lengthy messages. Short and sweet messages will attract the audience more into buying the products.

CASHurDRIVE can bring you those short and sweet messages within your budget. CASHurDRIVE deals with only commercial vehicles and impacts the marketing. The team of the CEO Mr. Raghu Khanna has creativity and uniqueness. They provide all types of advertising techniques which include both indoor and outdoor advertising methods. Starting from transit advertisements they provide any type of creative solutions to your problems.

As per the CASHurDRIVE reviews, their team doesn't involve any third party and all their designs have unique attractiveness. One of the CASHurDRIVE reviews said, "I'm so happy that Mr. Raghu Khanna has resolved all my issue..." Tells us the importance they give to their customers. The company CEO Mr. Raghu Khanna is an IITan from Guwahati. The first time he got the idea of establishing the company is when he was stuck in the traffic and he saw one ad nearby. There he got the idea on how to make CASH UR DRIVE while you drive to the office daily. His idea turned into the name of the company and now CASHurDRIVE can help you to CASH UR DRIVE just by sticking vinyl printing wraps onto your car. These vinyl wraps have ads of the brands on them. You can use the car just like you use every day and you will get paid for the advertisement.

These outdoor advertising ideas can improve your business during the Diwali season. To get more innovative information about advertising contact CASHurDRIVE.
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