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Web development, also known as website development, refers to the tasks associated with creating, building, and maintaining websites
Web development, also known as website development, refers to the tasks associated with creating, building, and maintaining websites and web applications that run online in a browser. But it can also include web design, web programming, and database management. Web development is closely related to creating application properties and functionality (web design), and the term development is usually reserved for constructing these things (i.e. site programming).

The main tools included are HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript. Contact us if you ever require web development Ottawa services.

Web development is closely related to designing the features and functionality of websites and applications (often referred to as "web design"). Still, the term "web development" is mainly used to build and program websites and applications. Think of all the websites you've used over the years - web developers have created these websites to make sure they work well and run in a way that provides a great user experience. Web developers do this by writing lines of code and using different programming languages ​​that vary depending on the task they are performing and the platform they are working on. Get the best website design Montreal services today.

Know about frontend and backend development :-

Frontend development covers the "customer-facing" side of web development. It typically refers to the portion of a website, app, or digital product that users view and interact with. Therefore, front-end developers are responsible for how digital products look and "feel", so they are often referred to as web designers. Frontend developers typically need to have a solid understanding of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and frameworks such as React, Bootstrap, Backbone, AngularJS, and EmberJS.

While the frontend developer is responsible for displaying the digital product, the backend developer focuses on how it works. This means they are responsible for monitoring what is disguised, including database interactions, user authentication, server configuration, networking and hosting, and business logic.

The primary responsibility of a backend developer is to ensure the website's functionality, including its responsiveness and speed. This requires backend developers to know how to build servers using advanced frameworks (while developing custom APIs and running websites and static files) and manage web server databases and data. They typically use server-side languages ​​like PHP, Ruby, and Python and tools like MySQL, Oracle, and Git.

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