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Posted April 11, 2016 by chumchum

Launches a mission on Indiegogo for multiple products
OMNI GENEius™, a new start-up by a family foundation, marks the beginning of a new era of optimising new generations by campaigning for multiple gaming products. OMNI GENEius™ is here to seek support in backing their Indiegogo fundraising campaign to launch their initial 7 unique products (includes 2 variants) and 2 Mobile App modules, 10 Innovative Omni “Programs” and 2 services “Credit, Heroes & Beyond”. This is based on their philanthropic mission & vision as a global growth & people company; and one that is committed to grow organically, deliver great products for all and optimise the new generation in a way never seen before.

Planned launch products and offers include:

A breakthrough for Strategic & Sports Board game players: Tactical thinking, spatial awareness and planning ahead are valuable skills that certain types of games like Chess, Checkers etc. can enhance. OMNI GENEius™, through their patent-pending game OMNI TACT (Family/Pro) and FOOTY SMART, have uniquely raised the bar for strategic games, including the sleeping giant (the No.1 game of chess), which is played by an estimated 605 million people worldwide.

An advanced wooden block sets: FUN GENES©, SMARTY GENES© & SUPA GENES©, which promotes “play-and-learn” with the aim of enhancing the IQ level of younger generations.

A fast-paced color and shape matching patent-pending game: OMNI WITS can improve a child’s memory, recognition and mental agility - and is also an exciting game for adults to join in.

Mobile App: OMNI BLOCKS (ages 3+) & OMNI CUBES (ages 7+): Part of a Youth Innovation fund promise and a creative communications app where a large and increasing pool of carefully selected set graphics can be used for building advanced levels of imaginative works, while stimulating minds creatively. These unique, creative, educational and imaginative patent-pending apps are for all to enjoy.

CREDITS, HEROES & BEYOND! Includes a free service. As a thanks for supporting their products and helping them spread their mission, they’ve introduced a motivational program where anyone can have a “SAY” and be an OmniStar to kids and youth (even adults) everywhere through their Products and Online presence, in order to help them optimise new generations through people power.

10 Innovative Omni Programs is their core plan of their Philanthropic Mission & Vision to organically develop a global growth people company, while making products for all and developing new generations.

OMNI GENEius™, founded by Husband (Shalin) & Wife (Tressy), have been working rigorously for the last 8 months (8/15 - 3/16) to develop their Launch products, services and programs. Their products will be available in market as early as August 2016, with their 2 Mobile App modules going live in May 2016. With “several” unique and innovative Products in the pipeline in conceptual and draft stages planned for future releases they are coming to give the world a plethora of Joy!

About Omni GENEius™:

OMNI GENEius™ are creative innovators and solution-finders both at heart and in mind. They are passionate about developing younger generations and are dedicated to help bring out the passion for learning, intelligence and fun that’s in everyone’s genes. OMNI GENEius™ create intelligent and innovative products that assist in advancing IQ levels in both children and adults – and all by way of offering energetic, challenging and ingenious products which optimise learning via play, motivation and positive affirmations.

Statement from the founder: Shalin Pinto

“Persisting and raising the bar with worthwhile challenges and controlling risks is what we aim to do best. Carrying multiple expert accreditations & jobs for the last 12+ years while mastering efficiency, my work serves a 99-100% success rate in anything I pursue. In order to pursue my philanthropic passion of optimising new generations, OMNI GENEius is on a mission to resurrect Intelligent & Family gaming products and services. We do this all with our heart and mind - together, while using innovation & common sense to push our passion for the betterment of the world and create respect between neighbors. We call this "Omnovation".

“Omnovation is a new term used at OMNI GENEius™, where we focus innovation on making products for all with the aim to create social impact, we have committed a major share (33%) of our profits for optimising younger generations through our 10 Innovative Omni programs, the other (33%) of the major share will be offered to investors who want to join us in our vision and mission. The Omni programs are also crucially supported by generous contributions and people joining us to further create larger social impact. We are committed to not take any incentives or salaries from the Youth Innovation Fund and Donation monies, as we are a Growth Organization and a revolutionary one”.

“Your support makes our huge mission possible and enables us to:

Successfully launch our initial products in a grand scale and further develop them to benefit all.

Hire more resources and fund operations to increase our reach.

It will help us to grow organically not relying on costly funding avenues and keeps our products affordable for all.

It also gives us an opportunity to do what we enjoy the most! That is to revolutionize and provide several ethical and innovate traditional and digital social games – that we have plans for in-house and through collaboration with new innovators.

Most of all it helps us to realize our passion while enjoying the journey – our passion to create social impact through the “Omni programs” and committing 33% of profits for optimising new generations in a smart and global way; while communicating positive messages through our products and services, and staying engaged with our customers and subscribers through our products, events, merchandise and online presence”.

For further information and product launch dates please go:

Seed Fundraising campaign:
Social Launch Page:
Company Website:
Offline Launch Docs:

Shalin Pinto / Tressy Pinto
Omni GENEius Limited
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HK: +(852)81237977
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